Types of Facebook users we encounter everyday!


1. The USA user!1This person is in the United States of America for whatever be the reason. Studies, has shifted there, and has gone there for a trip. To you people, please focus on the aim of your life and not the check-ins that u do at every street there or the food that u eat there at every restaurant.
This makes us want to come off where you are but we can’t. Please.
“Hyderabadi biryani usa lo kuda dorkutundi ra…..”
Mana expression: Naku kanapadu ra ipudu.. champestha!

2. The update user2This kind of users’ are many in number who want to strike at the number of posts only and not on what are we posting about. Be it eating pappu or pizza, it’s on facebook! And with pics! Enduku ra saavakodthavu???

3. The check-in user3Pics are not in the game. It’s only the places you go to. Open the person’s profile, all you see is millions and zillions of check-ins only. Cream stone lo tasty and chill icecream tintunnava??
Cream stone lo icecream kakapothe biryani untada ?? icecream chill kakapothe spicy untada??

4. The silent user4This user doesn’t do anything on Facebook except scrolling down the news feed! Indaka friends list chustunte nu kanpinchinav! Do I even know you?

5. The chef user5

He/she is a great chef or is striving to be one. Sambar, chutney, to pizza pasta to chocolates and cakes. He cooks everything and updates them on facebook.
Ochi chesi ivvu. Pics pettadam kadu!!!!

6. The share user6“Please share this or else your internet connection will get disrupted”
“Please share this in 10 seconds or 10 seconds will get over”
“Share this without scrolling down or a dog might bark at you”
“Please share this if you have a wonderful son/daughter”

These kind of posts are very common on facebook. That share user just shares these posts. These posts will not help you prove anything.

7. The selfie user7They keep uploading every selfie of theirs in many different possible angles. Thank you, dear for showing all possible shades of you. I mean chrome or b/w.

8. The love blossom user8They are so much in love with the other person in their life. We are definitely so happy for them but just doing only that on facebook is not necessary in life!
Some are happy single and some are ready to mingle!
Prema rasam kadu ra chutney! Phone pakkaki petti preminchu lekapothe gap lo evaranna chutney ni steal chestharu.

9. The thought sharing user10They share their general feeling with some random pics not intending to get likes or shares!
Nu devudu saaami!!!

Which one could u be ????