8 Types Of Friends We Come Across In Our Gangs (Part 2)


By Aliza Virani

You think, we forgot about the rest of your Friends? Be assured we didn’t! Here is the remaining list of friends your Gang probably has:

The XXX Friend

xxx friend

To each gang, their own Pervert! They can make the holi-est thing sound debauched. Their Libido is centered just in their brain and they make use of it each second without thinking twice.

The Smart-Ass Mouth Friend

the smart ass mouth friends

This friend cannot bade her intelligence, cynicism and sarcasm. Even before he/she knows what their larynx is going to give sound to, it’s over and out on the table. These friends are damn smart and oh-so damn snidey!

The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Problems waali Friend

boy-girlfriend problems

‘Bhai! Usne kal raat son eke pehle ‘I Love You’ nahi kaha!’ ‘Mujhe Lagta hai he does not want me anymore!’ ‘I think my Mom won’t ever accept our marriage’ and their banter is never, trust me never over!

The Seal ke jaise Clap karke Hasne waali Friend

The Seal ke jaise Clap karke Hasne waali Friend

This friend has the most amusing yet most embarrassing laughter. Their laugh flies out more chuckles than the joke altogether!

The Cussing Friend

The Cussing Friend

Uske Saale ki toh *&!# *&!! *$#! **$#@ *[email protected]! .. and my ears are just Bleeding! This the gaali-chaaku-choori waala friend, always ready to kill with just their words.

The Picture waala Friend

The Picture waali Friend

They come later; their flash reaches us before they do! These friends have so many pictures, with each one of you that you can all decorate your walls and still have some more left in store with them!

The Udhaari Friend

The Udhaari Friend

They owe you money as much as they owe to that Tin-Roof uncle at the turning of the Nukkad to your college. The Difference, the Uncle will get the money back, you won’t!

The Gyaan-Guru Friend


We all have this one friend who knows everything, every answer, every solution, everything that is happening around the world! They eat one portion of Encyclopedia for dinner and one portion of Google News for Breakfast.

The list is oh-so-not-exhaustive! There are definitely some specimens out there we haven’t captured! Tell us who?

We are assured this reminds you of your GANG or does at least make you wish your GANG should become a copy of this list! Go ahead let us know in the comments below. #LikeShare.