Top 10 Types Of Idlies You Can Try At Home!

Idly is a nutritional and tasty breakfast from the states of South India. Made with fermented flour and served with a variety of chutneys. The probiotics make this food item one of the healthiest breakfast dishes ever. So here are 10 types of Idlies you can try at home.


1 Idly TypesA regular Idly is made with idly flour, urad dal and fenugreek seeds. Soft, fluttery and melts right in the mouth, you can find Idly in almost every South Indian household.

2.Poha Idly

2 Idly TypesDifferent from your regular Idlies, Poha Idlies are made with poha and idly batter. They have similar textures like an Idly and are often served with coconut or groundnut chutneys.

3.Oats Idly

3 Idly TypesIdlies are usually made with fermented flour batter, but Oats Idly does not require fermentation of flour. Also, they can be prepared with just oats and are very good for diabetic patients.

4.Ragi Idli

4 Idly TypesMillets are great for your health but have you ever tried eating Idlies made with Ragi Idly. Idlies made with millets like Ragi are full of flavours and are bound with boiled rice or urad dal.

5.Rice Idly

5 Idly TypesLeftover rice at home? Then don’t throw it away and try to prepare soft idlis with them. Melting right away into your mouth, you must try this rice idly.

6.Podi Idly

6 Idly TypesWe often eat Idlies with Podis. But do you know, that in some areas, Idly batter is first fried with gun powder and then steamed? Tastes like a delight, give it a shot with your favourite podi.

7.Masala Idly

7 Idly TypesMasala Idly is made with vegetables and herbs. Vegetables like tomatoes, green peas and carrots are fried with herbs and spices and then mixed with the Idly batter. This makes for a great combination.

8.Fried Tawa Idly

8 Idly TypesA different sort of Idlies, Tawa Fried Idlies are great on flavours. Idlies are first cooked commonly and then fried on a tawa with spices and herbs. Dipped in chutneys, and served hot, they are a delight.

9.Idly Upma

9 Idly TypesDo you have leftover Idlies at home? Then you ought to try Idly Upma for a light dinner or breakfast. Quick and simple to make, Idlies are grounded into a fine powder and tempered with spices.

10.Chilli Idly

10 Idly TypesSpice lovers, this is a treat for you all. Cooked Idlies are cut and fried with green chillies and loaded with green chilly sauce or paste. You can also add mint leaves or chutney for the extra flavours.

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