7 Types Of People We See In WFH Conference Calls, Which One Are You?

Ee corona, ee lockdown, ee WFH, ee 2020 motham gadi bidi aipoindi. Mukyamga WFH lo ee conference calls untai chudandi master uu picha highlight idi, ippudu okasari conference calls lo ye type of people untaro chudam padandi

Manager Mahesh: Good Morning

Everyone in the conference call: Good Morning

But that ‘Late Reaction Nibba/Nibbi’ after 2 minutes: Good Morning Mahesh

Manager Mahesh Introducing Client Be Like:

That Client Be Like:

Manager Mahesh: Anil, you mentioned some challenges in yesterday’s call… Can you elaborate on them?

Attitude Anil: I sent the details in mail Mahesh, why don’t you check the mail

Manager Mahesh: I understand, But why don’t you walk us through…

Attitude Anil: You can open my mail and explain Mahesh…

Meanwhile Foodie Prakash Be Like:

Meanwhile Client Be Like: Mahesh, I am seeing the one of the attendees didn’t switch-on the video, Why???

That Dude Who Didn’t Switch-On The Video:

Manager Mahesh: Developer Deva, Can You Please Switch-On the cam?

No Video Dude Be Like: Just 2 mins Mahesh, You carry On

Manager Mahesh: Can you explain the work flow, Indra?

Introvert Indra Trying To Speak Be Like:

No One, Literally No One:

That Guy Who Says He Has Internet Problem 24/7 Be LIike:

Manager Mahesh To The 24/7 Internet Problem Dude:

Finally The End Of The Call, Manager Mahesh Be Like:

That Attitude Anil:

That Late Reaction Nibba/Nibbi After 5 Mins:

Meanwhile That No Video Nibba/Nibbi Still Be Like:

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