Types of People you find in every College Fest


Ask any college-‘GOING’ student about their colleges, the first thing they talk about is their fests. Adi motham mana control lo untadi kada so boast cheyyaniki em problem undadu. We form groups elect our president and the entire board. It is so much fun for the entire time that we get involved in the fest

So fests jarige time lo we encounter different kinds of people. Here are a few of them. if you find anyone or anything familiar, tag cheyyandi, share cheyyandi!

1. The freshers are the most excited people. Eh chinnadi cheshna kuda chaala enthusiasm tho chustharu and participate chestharu. Kani problem enti ante…matter telikunda expect chestharu!college fests

2. Evaraina friend participate chesthe, motham class undipotharu to cheer and support the friend. Aa performance aipothe, they get up from their seats.college fests3. Mari kondaru, chance dorikindi kadaa ani bunk kottestharu.college fests4. Couples lo kondaru take their time out and college ni Ooty oo Manali oo anukoni tiruguthu untaru.college fests

5. There are certain people who are always backstage into organizing. They love working extremely very much.college fests

6. And a few seniors always come up for a fest they like and vaallu lekunda fest jaragadu!college fests

7. There are a few people in the organizing committee who are responsible for anything wrong that happens in the event!!!!college fests

8. There are some people who love fests only for the purpose that they get to wear a specially designed T-Shirt!college fests

9. Kondaru…chance dorkindi le ani oka range lo dress up autharu.college fests

10. There are a few people who are always bothered about what is there in the food section.10 - food

11. There are a few all-rounders. Manaki edaina problem vasthe, call that one person immediately.11 - problem

12. There is just another kind. Asalu college lo fest aitunda, leda kuda telidu veellaki. At least eh college oo telsu kadaa!!12 - dont know