Types of Relatives we see in Telugu Cinema


In our cinema, family and tradition have held an important part of our stories. While we come across great stories, we also come across the relatives who play an equally vital role. Its always the relatives who are just waiting for a moment to make merry around you.We have picked up some common relatives and their default behaviour throughout our films.



Apart from opposing the Hero’s parent’s love marriage in flashback, grandparents come into the picture mostly when the heroine comes home for vacations after studying in college. But grandparents also lay the plot, by asking when she is going to get married. If some are active, they come in between a family get-together song when a line is dedicated to them and rub their cheeks with the protagonist or his girl!!



While they have the feeling of being the next protagonist, they are either killed before the rolling titles, raped by the villain, or under a cover that they don’t know they are the brother or sister. The protagonist uses them to become even nicer to the family as well as the audiences.


They are the supporting cast who fill the screen with some beautiful colored sarees and blazers. They are in their own world in the background, waiting to deliver that one powerful dialogue to the hero, mostly about love and marriage. If some are cunning, then there is some scope for more dialogues and acting, but then they lose out on the chance to make merry around the hero.


These are the lot who are given birth in the family possibly to just woo the Hero when is ready for marriage. Those who missed the auditions for the heroine’s friends at college will make it into this category. Another major role they will have is dancing in the family song as much as the Hero or Heroine, because they are the only people who can dance nicely.


Among all the male cousins, one will be lucky enough to go along with hero from their town/village, to another place to study. Or in case of a flashback, he’s the only surviving family member who makes you laugh all through the movie and ends up opening the flashback just after the interval bang. They do the funny dance in family songs and hit on least good looking village beauties or maids in their joint families.


While in the earlier families this guy was not present, but now-a-days he has become a very common relative. His entry makes you ready for some unlimited laugh irrespective of any situations. His sole point of being in this family is to get confused and speak nothing about the happenings, in spite of knowing almost everything. When he stops to entertain, its an indication that its pre-climax and the film is going to end.

THE OPPOSITION FAMILY (or in short) ‘VILLAINS’7 Types of Relatives in Telugu Cinema

The whole point of their existence is to take down the hero’s family, and the hero himself. They have to be greedy over assets or have a loser of a son who lost by marrying one the girls from the protagonist’s family.

These are the kinds of family members you find in every family. Did we miss out any family members? 🙂