Ugaadi Pacchadi And Its Rich Medicinal Values!

Ugaadi marks the beginning of a New Year for the Telugu speaking states and Karnataka. Quite a few rituals are associated with this festival. But the most important ritual associated is making of very famous chutney called Uggadi Pacchadi. It is also known as Shadruchulu as it is a blend of 6 different flavours. This chutney is also known to possess Ayurvedic properties and is known to prevent any kinds of illness during summer.
Ugaadi Pacchadi is a unique dish which is an assimilation of sweet, sour, tangy, bitter, spicy and salt. All these flavours represent different emotions and phases of human life. Read to find out.


1 Ugaadi Pachhadi And Its SignificanceThe bitterness in Ugaadi Pachhadi is due to the Neem leaves. It represents the unhappy phase of a human life. It reminds us that bitterness is also a part of our lives. Neem is known to cure around 35 diseases and it also kills several types of viruses and bacteria.


2 Ugaadi Pachhadi And Its SignificanceThe sweetness Is caused due to jaggery present in the pacchadi. It represents the happy moments of our lives. Jaggery has a defense mechanism that helps to fight bacteria and diseases. Loaded with anti-oxidants it is a healthier substitute to sugar and artificial sweeteners.


3 Ugaadi Pachhadi And Its SignificanceUgaadi marks as the beginning of Mango season. And the pachhadi is incomplete without unripe mango. It represents an unplanned event that can happen in our lives and hence we should be prepared for it. Un ripe Mangoes prevent sunstrokes by preventing dehydration and also boosts immunity.


4 Ugaadi Pachhadi And Its SignificanceThe addition of chilli powder to the Ugaadi Pachhadi adds spiciness to it. The spice represents the human anger. Chilli powder is great for metabolism and also strengthens your immunity.


5 Ugaadi Pachhadi And Its Significance 1A pinch of salt to the chutney adds saltiness to it. It reminds us that only when our lives get salty, we value and cherish the good parts of our lives. When sodium content decreases in our bodies, dehydration and sunstrokes occur. To prevent this, we need to take enough salt.


6 Ugaadi Pachhadi And Its SignificanceThe sour flavour in the pachhadi is due to tamarind. It reminds us along with all the above emotions, even sour is a necessary emotion in our lives, without which, us, human beings are incomplete. Tamarind fights a lot of diseases. Powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, it helps to fight inflammation and digestion problems.

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