Unique Valentines Day celebrations from around the world!


Japan1 - Japan
Valentines day anagane boys, girls ki gift ivvali ani anukuntamu. But Japan lo reverse ayithadhi. Valentines day naadu girls, boys ku “Giri-choco” (obligation chocolate) inka “Honmei-choco” chocolates isthaaru. “Giri-choco” friends inka bosses kosamu, whereas “Honmei-choco” are reserved for husbands and boyfriends. One month taravaatha, March 14 naadu boys give gifts to their girls.

South Africa2 - south africa
Romantic dinner ki elladamu inka fragrant flowers konadamu toh paatu. South African women vaalla dress sleeves ku hearts pin up chesukoni daani meedha vaalla lover peru raasukuntaaru.

Italy3 - italy
According to old tradition, girls eh boy ni aa roju first chustaaro, they will get married to that guy within one year. Aa roju “Baci perugina” ani a box filled with hazelnut chocolates isthaaru. Chocolates toh paatu ah box lo 4 languages lo raasina romantic quote untundhi.

Taiwan4 - taiwan
Taiwan lo Valentines Day 2 times celebrate chesthaaru; February 14th and also on July 7th. Men vaalla women ki flower bouquets isthaaru. The colour and number of flowers represent an important message. Red roses will represent “an only love”, ninety-nine roses will express “love forever”, and 108 roses signifies popping “The question”…”Will you marry me?”

Germany5 - germany
Germany lo chocolates, flowers and heart shaped gifts toh paatu “Pig” kuda isthaaru. You’ve heard it right! Pig ante Pandhi eh! Pig represents luck and can be given in the form of a picture, miniature statue, chocolate or however one sees fit.