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28 Unknown Facts About Albert Einstein


Easily one of the most brilliant minds ever known to the humankind, Albert Einstein is one of the most influential and revolutionary physicists of all time. His theories and ideas have gone on to change the world of physics and science forever.

The theory of relativity, which he developed is one of the two pillars of modern physics, and his mass-energy equivalence formula E = mc2 has been dubbed as “the world’s most famous equation”. Despite being a popular figure, Einstein’s life is filled with mystery and facts not known to many.

In this article, we will be looking and some of the strange and mysterious facts about this revolutionary physicist that you might have not known.

1 Unknown Facts About Albert EinsteinUnknown Facts About Albert Einstein

  1. Einstein was slow to talk, he didn’t start speaking until at least age three.
  2. Einstein loved the violin, claiming if he wasn’t a scientist he would be a musician as he lives, thinks and sees his life in music.
  3. Early in his life, he evaluated patents for electromagnetic devices in a patent office.
  4. Einstein had a poor memory; he often forgot names, faces and dates.
  5. Einstein was born with a swollen, misshapen head and a grossly overweight body, Albert would eventually grow into his body, and have no problems.
  6. As a child, Einstein had a bit of a temper problem, he once threw a chair at his teacher.
  7. Einstein’s IQ was never tested, though that hasn’t stopped people from guessing. Lots of websites claim the physicist’s IQ was 160, but
    there’s simply no way of verifying that claim.
  8. Compared to an average brain, Einstein’s Parietal lobe (the part concerned with handling sensory information) was a whopping 15% larger than normal.
  9. Einstein paid his wife Mileva his entire prize money from his Nobel Prize, which was a sum of $32,250 which was vastly more than a professor’s salary back then.
  10. A depressed parrot was the focus of Einstein’s interest during the scientists 70’s. He told it jokes to try and make it less depressed.
  11. As Einstein neared the end of his life in 1952, the scientist was actually given the opportunity to become president of Israel, but he turned the job down.
  12. Einstein loved to smoke; he smoked a pipe and claimed that it helps calm and focus a man.
  13. Einstein started tutoring youngsters around the turn of the century as his financial situation became so poor
  14. Albert Einstein was known as the “people’s scientist” because of his down-to-earth sense of humour and his approachable manner.
  15. Einstein’s violin was nicknamed “Lina”, and he said that the most joy in his life came from his violin.
  16. Contrary to popular belief, Einstein was not actually a poor student , he struggled with the non-science subjects, and hated rote learning and refused to study subjects that didn’t interest him.
  17. Einstein hated wearing socks and was immensely proud of the fact that he didn’t have to wear them while giving lectures at Oxford in the 1930. “When I was young, I found out that the big toe always ends up making a hole in a sock,” Einstein reportedly said. “So I stopped wearing socks.
  18. Einstein loved sailing, despite the fact that he was a terrible sailor. He regularly tipped his boat over and required rescue dozens of times.
  19. Einstein’s crazy hair is one of the most unique things about him, a young man, but he did not always had this look, as young man, Einstein had well-maintained head of dark hair. After the birth of his son Hans, Einstein became extremely busy, trying to support his family that he stopped combing his hair and visiting the barber. And this is how the iconic look was born.
  20. One of Einstein’s most famous photograph is where he pops out his tongue. During his 72nd birthday, Einstein was leaving an event held in his honor. As he was getting into his car, photographers asked him to smile for the camera. Being sick and tired of grinning for a photograph, Einstein popped his tongue out instead. Einstein liked the photo so much that he put it on his greeting cards.
  21. Einstein loved tinkering with electronics and would eventually invent a lot of stuff, his inventions include; a self-adjusting camera, a refrigerator that could last 100 years, and even a blouse.
  22. Einstein, who married twice, had multiple extramarital affairs, including one with a possible Russian spy.
  23. Fearing a German nuclear bomb, Einstein wrote a letter to President Roosevelt encouraging him to work on a nuclear weapon. This led to the creation of the Manhattan project, which was responsible for the atomic bomb. His famous equation E = mc2 also made the bomb theoretically possible.
  24. At the end of Einstein’s marriage to Mileva Maric, he gave her a list of rules for remaining together. The list demanded that she be his maid, but should expect no affection or attention from him. After a few months, she left him, and five years later, filed for divorce.
  25. When Einstein died, a man named Thomas Harvey performed an illegal autopsy and stole Einstein’s brain. For decades, he kept pieces of the preserved brain in two mason jars, which he stored in his Philadelphia lab, his basement, and in a cider, box stored under a beer cooler. Thomas Harvey eventually returned Einstein’s brain to the Princeton Hospital
  26. The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia is the only place where the public can view Einstein’s brain.
  27. 1905, was a miracle year for Einstein, as he published his four different academic papers. They cemented his theories on the principle of relativity, and among them was the paper that contained the famous formula E=mc2.
  28. Einstein was the first to discover the equation that showed the universe is expanding, but he thought it was a mistake. Years later, Hubble’s telescope confirmed that the theory of relativity was correct, and his biggest blunder was thinking he was wrong.

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