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Since its launch in December 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has taken the gaming world by storm, with the game selling over 70 million copies as of 2020. The mobile version of the game has also seen a tremendous reception, with PUBG Mobile being downloaded over 600 million times, making it the most popular mobile game in the world. The game single-handedly created a gaming market in India, with the country now boasting the highest number of players in the world, and regular professional tournaments being held throughout the country. Though the game has only been out for a couple of years, there are so many interesting facts that you might have not known about the popular battle royale game. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of those interesting and fascinating facts.

Unknown Facts About Pubg

  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner has become one of the most popular and iconic catchphrases of recent times, but have you ever wondered where it came from? The catchphrase originally originated from gambling, as people during the 1930’s economic crisis (the great depression), gambled in the alleys for money. If they won, that meant that they could afford chicken for dinner. The phrase quickly became popular, and was used in gambling in Las Vegas.
  • Some of the places in Pubg maps exist in real life.2 Unknown Facts About Pubg
  • School, located in Erangle is actually inspired from the infamous Chernobyl, Russia.
  • Shelter, the underground bunkers is actually based on the abandoned storage of nuclear weapons, at Feodosia, Ukraine.
  • Ruins, located in the Eastern side of Sanhok is actually based on the Mountains of Dagestan, Russia.
  • Yasnaya Polyana, is actually located in the Slovakia province of Russia. It is also the birthplace of the famous author, Leo Tolstoy.
  • Despite our love for the game, one thing that we all can admit is the name of the game is pretty weird. Well, there’s actually an explanation for it, the creator of the game Brendan Greene was also an avid gamer, and the name he used for his player in the games he played was Player Unknown.
  • PUBG holds the world record for the most simultaneously played game of all time. In December 2017, the game hit 3,106,358 people playing the game simultaneously. Today, PUBG is in the top five most played game by current count.3 Unknown Facts About Pubg
  • One of the first and primary maps of Pubg is Erangel, but have you ever wondered how it got its name? The name Erangel was inspired by the creator Brendan Greene’s daughter Eryn. He combining ‘Eryn’ with ‘Angel’ to give us one of the most iconic maps in a video game.
  • Bots are used to ease new players to the game, new players are made to play in a game with mostly or all bots. This is said to be done until level 10
  • The parent company of Pubg, Bluehole corporation didn’t spend any money on advertising the game. It is claimed to be because the word of mouth was so strong that they didn’t need to. On the other hand, PUBG Mobile is one of the first mobile games to have its advertisements broadcasted on television in India.
  • According to the internet, many people, who allegedly cheated in the game have been banned for as much as a 100 years. According to the company, cheating is defined as using inappropriate programs, bug abuse, etc and can result in a permanent ban.4 Unknown Facts About Pubg
  • The Game is inspired by the Japanese movie “Battle Royale”, which is based off of a novel of the same name published in 1999.
  • The yellow tracksuit in the game is actually the tracksuit worn by the main protagonist in the Japanese movie that inspired the game.
  • Removing shoes actually reduces footstep noise.
  • In PUBG PC, friendly fire is on, but in PUBG Mobile, you can only injure teammates with explosions, from either vehicle explosions or grenades. You can also kill them with vehicles.
  • In PUBG Mobile, the map will actually give icons on the direction of noise and footsteps of players that are not crouched or prone. In PUBG PC, this feature doesn’t exist.
  • PUBG Mobile’s player count has actually exceeded PUBG PC and other platforms.
  • The Level 3 helmet is modeled after a Russian Spetsnaz (special forces) helmet, which is known to be able to bounce bullets off.
  • It is possible to win without getting a kill in the game, which will award you with the achievement and status of “Pacifist”.6 Unknown Facts About Pubg
  • According to the SuperData research, they estimated that the game’s sales have surpassed US$34 million, making it one of the top 10 highest grossing revenue games. The game also exceeding revenue from Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  • The introduction of Royal Pass boosted the company’s revenue by almost 365%.
  • PUBG Mobile moderators have banned more than 30,000 people in a single day which also includes 12 pro-PUBG Mobile players.
  • A single KAR 98 bullet goes downwards after traveling 300m.7 Unknown Facts About Pubg
  • Playing DAYZ a mod for ARMA, led to Brendon interest in modding . Basic concept of PUBG was originated from Battle Royal mod Greene created for PUBG.
  • PUBG first early access version was released on Steam platform on March 23,2017. The sales sky rocketed after its release, netting 2 million copies sold in just 1 month .
  • A headshot is 2.5 times the damage inflicted than a chest shot.
  • Virtual Bandana is an extremely popular and rare item in Pubg. The item has become so popular, that loads of individuals have bought it online at $1000. As of now, the item seldom drops from PUBG crates and is solely accessible with the pre-order PUBG bundle.8 Unknown Facts About Pubg
  • The Blue Zone feature in the PUBG game is taken from the Soviet Union army, in which the Soviet Army used to spread the current with the help of machines across the ground to keep the intruders away.
  • When in water, you cannot be shot. You can also heal yourself when underwater.

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