Upcoming Stars Who Made It Without a Dynasty


Change is the only constant in life.

As with any other industry, there is a constant flow of newcomers looking to oust the seniors from their post by replacing them. However, most of the incoming stars belong to one dynasty or the other.

Keeping the dynasties aside, there are also others who are striving to make their mark with their body of work. While the others keep cribbing about the lack of opportunities for outsiders, these youngsters have taken the challenge with both hands, and let their films do the talking for themselves.

Here is a list of youngsters who are slowly but surely climbing up the charts of popularity, and should be able to cement their names in the future.



Nani proved that you needn’t be flashy looking, or possess a toned body to convey your point. Just be the character that has been assigned to you, and put in an honest, earnest effort. To prove this, Nani gave in his very best in a 30 minute role in Eega, fully knowing that the fly was the real hero of the film.

In a span of five years, Naveen Babu Ghanta, lovingly called Nani, has established himself as the face of independent, alternative Telugu cinema. From Ashta Chamma, Ala Modalaindi to Aaha Kalyanam, YashRaj’s first venture down south, Nani has carved a niche for himself not only in Telugu, but also in Tamil cinema. While other star-sons spend their money in cars and parties, Nani has gotten into producing movies, paving the way for further talent to come into the industry.



One of the good looking heroes of telugu film industry and possible the only hero from Nizam,  Nithiin had a string of chances from the beginning of his career, working with ace directors VV Vinayak, SS Rajamouli, Raghavendra Rao and Krishna Vamsi. Maybe he was carried away with his looks or the spelling in his name didn’t work for him, he had consecutive failures of 12 films after that. He studied himself, the situations and came back with a bang confidently. While he is still brushing up his skills consistently, credit should be given for his patience, perseverance and self-confidence.



Just because you have clay at your disposal, you cannot make pots in a place like Cherrapunji. You need to watch out how situations are, look out for some smart opportunities and slowly accomplish your goals. This is what this rough-chocolate ‘man’, Sharwanand does. Coming into movies through a small role in Shankardada MBBS and evolving into an actor with movies like Gamyam, Prasthanam and Malli Malli Idi Raani Roju just shows his able personality as an actor and individual.



His went viral with his role as Rajesh in the movie Happy Days. He faltered a bit here and there in picking his movies after that, but everything fell into track with Swamy Ra Ra. His movie picks also have also been so far interesting and curious. While a lot of people feel that he resembles Ravi Teja in acting, his choice of films have shown that he is willing to experiment and try out new stuff.



The boyish looking guy is quite natural in his acting, and is blessed with screen presence. After struggling for close to three years, he got his break with the rom-com Ooohalu Gusagusalade and proved that acting is all about reacting as a character. Again, just hope he doesn’t get sold out with the flow and paves a path for himself.



The youngest of the lot, Raj made it into the mainstream cinema through Uyyala Jampala. He worked his way through YouTube and utilized it smartly to grow up the ladder. His Kumari 21F was a film that expanded his scope as an actor and he looks to push open his boundaries to compete with his contemporaries. Just hope he doesn’t falter mid-way.

These are actors who are charting a new course for themselves in the Telugu film industry. Did we miss out on any upcoming star? Let us know in the comments section below!