Upcoming Tamil Movies on OTT 2023

This week sees the release of a staggering number of new Tamil films, making it impossible for you to keep up. This is certainly salient when you’re not a movie enthusiast who follows the most recent films. Continue reading if you want to learn more about the most recent Tamil films that were released this week.

List of Upcoming Tamil Movies on OTT 2023

There are always good movies coming out, and new movies are launched every week. It can be challenging to keep track of what is offered, and the number of hours left for you to view it. To ensure you don’t miss anything, we provide a list of everything that will be released this week in Tamil along with connections to other services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Aha, Sony LIV, and Zee5.

1. Driver Jamuna

This movie will be released on January 20th, 2023.
This movie will be released on Aha Tamil
Cast- Aadukalam Naren, Aishwarya Rajesh, Vaibhav Gohil
Jamuna, a female cab driver who lives on the outskirts of Chennai, serves as the focal point of the film’s plot. She travels for a day and runs into some unforeseen challenges. When she tries to safeguard herself, what will happen? This is yet another Kollywood crime story to watch in January.

2. Raangi

This movie will be released on January 30th, 2023.
This movie will be released on Sun NXT
Cast- Lizzie Antony, Waqar Khan, Trisha Krishnan
The story centers around Thaiyal Nayagi, a reporter for an online news outlet, who discovers her niece’s Facebook account and runs with 17-year-old Libyan Aalim while she is chatting with him.

Thaiyal Nayagi and her niece are being used as bait by the FBI to apprehend Aalim. As seen on numerous social media platforms, Trisha will be debuting in this crime scene investigation thriller genre, and her fans can’t wait to see it on OTT.

3. Nasir

This movie will be released in late January 2023
This movie will be released on Sony LIV
Cast- Balasubramanian, Valavane Koumarane, Gayathri, Abdul Jaffar, Jensan Diwakar, Jaikumar, Meena, Vikramadityan Nambi, Niveditha, Prabanchan, Prasanna, Yasmin Rahman, Rajesh, Bharat Rawal, Sudha Ranganathan, Valli Revathi, Rifa, Sahitya
Nasir, a middle-aged marketer who resides in a densely crowded slum with his wife Taj, mother Fatima, nephew Iqbal, and other family members, leads a happy existence. He puts a lot of effort into his work at the clothing store.

Even yet, he enjoys poetry and spends his Sundays writing it, singing it out loud to his coworkers, and emulating Hindi film tunes from the 1960s. Nasir smokes 10 beedis and drinks four cups of tea every day. He is moderately religious. He is a quick romantic who enjoys music, kids, friendship, and God and is satisfied with all that he has. The situation is perfect. But growing racial prejudice has other ideas.

4. Nayanthara- Beyond the Fairytale

This movie will be released in late January 2023
This movie will be released on Netflix.
Cast – Nayanthara, Vignesh Shivan
The marriage of Nayanthara, a famous actress, is the subject of this narrative. She recently wed renowned director Vignesh Shivan in a spectacular wedding. This film gives viewers an inside look at their lives, their marriages, and more as they prepare to begin this new part of their lives.

We shall also discover how Vignesh has assisted Nayanthara in realizing the full potential of her passion and skill as an artist and a woman. Nayanthara, who is renowned for being highly secretive, is said to have revealed her past in this story.

5. Borrder

This movie will be released in late January 2023
It is not announced yet as to what platform this movie will be released on.
Cast– Arun Vijay, Regina Cassandra, Stefy Patel, Bagavathi Perumal, Chandrasekar Koneru
Arivazhagan Venkatachalam is the director of this prospective spy thriller film in the Tamil language, while Vijaya Raghavendra, working under the name of All In Pictures, is in charge of production.

The plot centers on the lifestyle of an army commander who tries to thwart the sinister and wicked schemes of terrorists. As we follow the lifestyle of this cop and the things he encounters, expect a good deal of conflict and a parallel romantic story.

6. Ghosty

This movie will be released in late January 2023
This movie will be released on ZEE5.
Cast – Yogi Babu, Kajal Aggarwal
The film’s director is Kalyaan. It tells the tale of a young woman who decides to become a police officer to follow in the footsteps of her late father. When she attempts to apprehend a criminal who fled her father’s care many years ago, odd things happen to her.

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