Useful Hacks For Achieving Almost ‘Deadpool’ Like Healing Powers..!!


By Tejaswi Kakarla

Wounds give us pain and lefts scars. In winter they won’t heal quickly and they make us feel bad when we see them. to get relief from the wound generally we run to doctor to get ointments and medicines when we injured. This is unknown knowledge to many people that we can also heal wound by using things which available in our kitchen. Here are few tips and remedies to get relief from your wounds.


Drawstring_bagsMany house wives are left with finger cuts when chopping vegetables and sometimes they burn their hand during cooking time. For this type of injuries you can use tea bags. If we slowly massaged on and around the injury with frozen tea bags it stops the bleeding and reduces the pain. Tea bag also helps in preventing getting infected.


honeyIt’s better to keep honey availability in kitchen because we often burn our hands there. When honey is applied to burns will reduce the pain and burning sensation. Honey also acts with anti bacterial factor.


aloe-vera-625_625x350_71443086188Aloevera works excellent on skin problems. Aloevera pulp or gel can be applied on the affected areas of skin for 15 mins and later you can wash it with cold water .soon you will notice the result.


white-vinegarThe best thing vinegar can do is… It reduces itching. At the time of head injuries if we cleaned the bleeding blood with vinegar it will heal quickly. Vinegar also protects the wound from dust.

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