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10 Things We Can Make Using The Left Over Fabric Scrap

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Well, if you love to sewing, then definitely there is a lot of fabric scrap at your place. You will feel bad to throw all the fabric scrap of different colors in the bin. But you know, you can create wonders with the left over scrap. So, here we are giving some interesting and creative ideas how to make proper use of the fabric scrap.

Phone CaseYes, you can create a cute phone case with the fabric scrap. Just make sure the size of your mobile and the room space.

Monogram PouchThis monogram pouch will help you to keep coins, or you can gift to any of your friends or family on special occasions. Trust us! They will like it.

Marble NecklaceDon’t get shocked. Just tie those scraps of fabric around marbles to create these lovely necklaces.

Fabric BookmarkIf you ar an avid book reader, then this one you will love to have. It just takes five minutes to make and also a perfect gift for your friends.

Hair BowsEvery little girl needs a great collection of hair bows. So, to make these you just need a small piece of leftover fabric for each one.

Glasses CaseTo keep your sunglasses or reading glasses safe and make them look fashionable while carrying, try these glasses cases.

Fabric RosesWhat makes your room more beautiful than roses? You can get many compliments from your family if you try these. You can also use them to dress up pillows and clothing.

Waterproof Zippered PouchTo carry your makeup or coins, this will be very useful. It takes just a few pieces of fabric.

Key ChainsThese little key chains are both unique and easy to make. Add embellishments like buttons, bows, gems, or whatever you want to make each one as unique as who you plan on giving them to.

ArtworkYes, you can create a new art unlike watercolors or paints, you can use colorful fabric scrap that left over at your home.

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