V6 channel gives you amazing tunes to dance for this bathukamma


These bathukamma songs will make you clap for sure. V6 has been a channel striving to give news that doesn’t deprive of its Telangana roots. Vaallu use chese language, attires are so relevant to our daily lives. News kuda chaala interesting style lo chupisthaaru. National headlines nunchi local-yet-interesting news chupisthaaru. V6 have been impressing all its audience with great music that they release during bathukamma. Asalu veellu icche Telangana tribute ki first oka look esukundham.

ippudu ee song ni background lo petti koncham mana Navarathri festive music ki vellipodham. This year eh kaadhu.. 2015 nunchi veellu manchi manchi Telangana folk bathukamma songs istunnaru. Have a glance at the song released in 2015.

adurss kadaaa idi ila unte, 2016 di kekooo keka.

Keeping all these aside, 2017 song is even crazier. This song has brought in some amazing artists together. Kailash Kher nourishing voice, Kandikonda gaari intense lyrics ni tune tho allukuntu Bole Shavali gaaru ichina music direction tho oka oopu ooparu..