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Veera ‘Super’ Fan : Have You Checked The FAN Anthem In Telugu? It’s Cute!


Shahrukh Khan’s FAN anthem struck the right chords with the almost everyone from the time it was released. We know that post the Hindi song, the FAN anthem was released in 6 languages. Yes, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Bhojpuri and Punjabi. Now the Telugu version of the same released and it is no less than the other versions.

Sung by Nakash Aziz , who also sang the Tamil version is actually impressive. The Telugu substitute for ‘Jabra Fan’ is ‘Veera Fan’. This is not the first time Hindi songs have been dubbed into Telugu. Earlier movies like Krishh, Tararampam, Jodha Akbar etc were also dubbed into Telugu. But somehow they just didn’t go well with the audience. Hope this one doesn’t disappoint. I am not talking about the movie’s performance, which almost the whole nation is surprisingly confident about. I am talking about the Telugu version. Let me tell you why?

Somehow when it comes to dubbing movies or songs, we as a lot of South Indians are used to watching any of the South Indian Language movies but not a Hindi dubbed movie. We would watch a Batman vs Superman in Telugu over a Hindi movie dubbed into Telugu. Even if it is a song, our preference will be to watch a Telugu dubbed song of Vikram or Suriya over a Shahrukh or Hrithik. Somewhere the connection is not established adequately!

Yes, we are Indians first! I too accept, but I also accept that the connection with Hindi movies when they are dubbed to Telugu is like watching Rajinikanth meditating. He is a superstar but that is not what you really enjoy watching.

Opinions apart, this song does carry some potential and sounds far better than the 1990s Rajshri movies. The lyrics were provided by Chaitanya Krishna and look in perfect sync. Here check out the ‘Veera Fan’ song below.

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