Healthy vegetables that you can grow in your backyard with little effort.

We all love fresh vegetables, but finding them in the market these days is very tough, most of the sellers use fertilizers and pesticides which make the vegetables look good, but by using them, the vegetables lose their nutrients and consuming them is not healthy for you. But there are a few vegetables which are quick and easy to grow and you can plant them in your backyard and enjoy the freshly ripe vegetables.

Let’s take a look at them: –

  • Tomatoes


You need two pots to grow tomatoes, take a small pot (6 inches) and fill it with soil and water and plant the seeds deep in the soil, the soil should be moist but not soggy. Tomatoes require a lot of sunlight, so make sure that you place the pot in a place which receives an ample amount of sunlight, the seeds will germinate in about 10 days, when the seedlings are 3 inches long, transfer them to another pot which is filled with potting soil, keep the soil moist and water the plant nicely, about after a week add an organic fertilizer, as the plant grows it becomes heavy, so make sure that you provide some sort of support to the plant so the stem doesn’t break, when the tomatoes turn red and firm, they are ready.

  • Lemons


Take a medium size pot and make several holes at the bottom of the pot and fill it with stones so that It allows ventilation, fill the pot with soil and plant the seeds in, make sure that you keep the soil moist, do not over water the soil, keep the pot in such a place that it receives sunlight for at least 8 hours a day, citrus plants require a lot of sunlight, spray water on the leaves of the plant to keep it moist, lemons usually take 6 months to ripe, you can determine it by checking the color and by gently squeezing it to check the firmness.

  • Carrots


Take a little soil free of rocks (or a pot) which is deep enough to handle this root vegetable, and plant the seeds deep in the potting soil. Rocky soil can result in carrots which are curvy and bent that, while perfectly edible are not the most visually pleasing. Make sure that you keep your carrots away from weeds, especially when they are small, weeds take the nutrients away from the carrots. The carrots are ready for harvest when their tops breach the soil line.

  • Mint


Take a medium pot and make a small hole at the bottom of the pot and cover it with a small stone, this allows the water to drain and it doesn’t let the sand fall out of the pot, now take some of the mint leaves and cut them right below the node, now plant these leaves about 2 inches deep in the soil, water the soil thoroughly and keep the pot In such a place where it receives indirect sunlight, the soil should be moist, not wet.New growth will emerge in 10-15 days.

  • Ginger


Take a piece of ginger and cover it with soil in a container, make sure the freshest looking bud Is a little exposed facing up, keep the container in such a place that it receives indirect sunlight, keep the soil moist and water it regularly. Once the ginger sprouts, pull the plant out completely, cut off what you need and replant the remaining ginger using the same process.

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