‘Venkatapuram’ | An intense thriller drama!


Rahul Dayakiran of Happy Days’ fame has made a comeback with an action thriller titled ‘Venkatapuram’ released on Friday, 12th May. He has pinned all his hopes on this suspense genre film which is based on several true incidents occurred in Vishakhapatnam. Speaking at the audio launch Rahul said this film was very important to him and the team has struggled to get things into the place. Rahul plays a role of a pizza delivery guy who gets into trouble solving a problem of his girlfriend. The flick offers lot for Rahul’s fans, who are eager to see him delivering another blockbuster after ‘Happy Days’.

The movie has got decently positive reviews after the premier show and has been said that it would go down as a wonderful movie in Rahul’s career. Thanks to the impeccable story line and narration by director VenuMadikanti, the movie is not a regular predictable one. The screenplay was engaging and the racy scenes in second half is the biggest asset.The highlights of the film are said to be the captivating background music by Achu, and the cinematography. Also the debutant lead actress MahimaMakwana has done her best and is a treat to watch her performances apart from intense roles played by Ajay Ghosh, Ajay who nailed their characters. The movie is produced by Shreyas Srinivas and presented by Good Cinema Group.

We wish all the best for Rahul and his team.

Watch the trailer here: