Venkatesh Welcomes Mohanlal To Telugu Cinema. 2016 Is Already Exciting!!


Mohanlal’s dedication towards acting shows in every character he portrays. Not many of us might have actually watched many of his movies, but Mani Rathnam’s Iddaru is a classic that will remain one of the most respected movies in Telugu, although it was dubbed.

This year already looks exciting with Mohanlal doing two movies in Telugu. One with NTR Jr. under the direction of Koratala Siva and another Manamantha, a trilingual (Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam) co-starring Goutami Haasan, which will be helmed by Chandrashekar Yeleti. So, in the year 2016, Mohanlal will be doing a lot of ‘Telugu talking’.

Like always, he is not an individual who will just come on time to the sets and do his job. He is an ACTOR. An actor who knows what a character requires, the effort it needs and the dedication he loves to give in.

Expressing about his homework, the Malayalam Legend posted an image of him learning Telugu ‘తెలుగు నేర్చుకోవడం’ recently on Facebook.


To which mana Venky replied ‘తెలుగు చలన చిత్ర పరిశ్రమకు స్వాగతం మోహన్ లాల్ గారు 🙂 ’

Mohanlal Venkatesh Reply

The year is just about to begin and Mohanlal’s Telugu movies for the year 2016 is already exciting us.

Good Luck Mohanlal Sir!! Welcome, again!!