Who is Verghese Kurien? Today’s Google Doodle

Verghese Kurien,Google Doodle,the milkman

Verghese Kurien is called ‘The Milkman’ of India.

  1. Verghese Kurien was born on 26 November, 1921 in Kozhikode, Kerala. He did his Mechanical Engineering from the University of Madras, and then went on to transform India’s milk production beyond recognition.
  2. He is called the Father of the White Revolution. The government ran an initiative called Operation Flood, targeting an increase in milk production in India. From a milk-deficient nation, India today is the world’s largest exporter of milk.
  3. Verghese Kurien revolutionised milk powder manufacturing. Earlier, it was made from cow milk, but at Amul, they began making it from buffalo milk, which are far more common than cows.
  4. Verghese Kurien was not only a genius at work, he shared his knowledge with the youth of the nation. He is credited with founding over 30 institutions of excellence, including AMUL, IRMA, and NDDB. He is also considered one of the masters of India’s modern economy.
  5. Kurien was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award, the Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, and Padma Vibhushan.
  6. Surprisingly, the ‘Milkman’ of India did not drink milk himself, since he did not like the taste!!

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