9 Versatile Father Characters of Prakash Raj


Prakash Raj is a polyglot Indian film actor, a producer and a director. He is not confined to a particular film industry. He is versatile in his roles. His acting skills are unbeatable and unmatchable with any other actors. He is very well known for his character roles like father and villain. No matter what the role is given, he renders his best and that is why he is Prakash Raj.

We can go on and on speaking about him. His versatility is a book for any actor. Hence we wanted to show his versatility only in father roles. This itself will amaze you as.

Daughter Loving FatherFather with Ethical valuesAlways Smiling FatherNo Talking FatherMoney minded and filthyTypical Village Fatherhealth-conscious fatherRich FatherThe Extra Caring Father

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