10 very interesting things about the birthday boy, DSP!!!


DSP has become an icon and a brand image for music that trends in tollywood. Thanu eh movie cheshna kuda anduloni music becomes so addictive that we crave to listen to more of it. Here are a few interesting things about this musical master.

1. Ilayaraja is this man’s musical idol and thana recording studio lo Ilayaraja photo ni frame cheskoni petkunnaru. That is high inspirations.1devisree
2. He is a man of multiple talents. Apart from Music composing and singing, Devi can pen lyrics, dance for this tunes and also can give live performances with all these combinations.2devisree
3. Devi gave outstanding music to “Shankardada MBBS”. It is with his splendid work that, he got a new watch as gift from Chiranjeevi (which he was wearing when he presented it) as a replacement to his earlier watch gifted by the same star.3devisree4. Not just for the audience, but even DSP was pleasantly surprised when Keeravani asked him to sing a song in Sri Rama Dasu. He lent his voice for “yetellinde godaramma….hailessa heylessa…” song. He also song many songs under other music directors.5devisree
5. Devi Sri Prasad also comes up with tunes very instantly sometimes. Ee song teeskondi for instance, “Naa premanu kopam gaano….” song in “Arya” and Bommarillu’s “Appudo Ippudo Yeppudo”. Sukumar gaaru edo interview lo chepparu that Devi came up with the song from Aarya immediately after he explained the situation to him6devisree
6. Sreenu Vytla and Devi share good rapport. For “Anandam” film they worked on 80 tunes and picked the best ones.7devisree
7. He doesn’t limit himself to one simple genre of songs or oka type of songs eh bauntay annatto kuda undadu. This man can give all kinds of songs the best of tunes and audience ki kachitanga nachesthadi.8devisree
8. Thana songs lo key words have become so famous that aa words ni chaala mandi use chestharu in their daily lives.. like “Super machi”, “Feel my love” and many more.9devisree
9. Hollywood lo oka cameo laaga cheshna song became so famous. The item song “Ringa Ringa” from Arya 2 was tweaked a bit and composed for the film by Devi Sri Prasad. The song underwent changes to suit the nativity of North India, an example being the change of “Ringa Ringa” to “Dhinka Chika”.10devisree