15 Video Games That Every Kid Of The 1990s Will Relate To


The 1990’s is considered to be the golden era of Video games. Those epic video games were not only incredibly productive and progressive rather timeless and  classics which created great powerful emotions in the players of that era which are still nostalgic. The children of 90s spent hours playing video games. Some of the popular video games that will take you in those times were Mario, Contra, Adventure island, Circus and many more. Picking just 15 games from 90s decade was not an easy task, but any player who sees this list will agree the following games are a must-play for any true gamer.

Here are 15 of the most popular games from the 1990s that made our childhood adventurous.

1. Mario


Mario is the most famous game among the kids of 90s. It is a two player Mario adventure game, first player is named Mario (red one) and his brother is named Luigi (green one). They have to pass all the obstacles to reach to recue the princess from the dragon.

2. Contra


Contra is the fascinating legendary run and gun action game with the simple plot of saving the earth from the terrorist group. Those were one of the most proud moments for the 90s kids when they were successful in killing their enemies in the popular game of those days.

3. Street Fighter


In this game, the player takes control of martial artist who is competing in a worldwide martial arts tournament. Street Fighter was the 90s gem and one of the first fighting competitive games that had martial art geniuses, Ryu and Ken, with their fictional rivalry.

4. Duck Hunt


Duck Hunt is a light gun shooter video game which used to give us 3 shots to shoot down the flying ducks. It was a real fun to shoot down ducks on the screen by pointing the gun on them in order to feed the dog and earn points to advance to the next level. Most annoying part was when we used to miss the shot, and that dog comes up laughing on the screen.

5. Road Rash


Road Rash was the rare fun game of riding a bike at the full speed with the liberty to cheat and beat down the rivals by kicking and hitting them to win the race which is mostly impossible in real life.

6. Pac-Man


Pac-Man is one of the most played console game in the world and we remember how hard it used to be to move Pac-Man by avoiding the ghost and eating up all the dots.

7. Aladdin

14It is surely sad, if you didn’t ever have a chance to play this game. Because this game has everything right from the awesome graphics to running, jumping and throwing tomatoes or apples on the guards who try to stop you.

8. Adventure Island


Adventure Island was similar to Mario. It was a fun for the 90s kids to play this game and control the movements of the half-naked boy walking through an island.

9. Excite Bike


Excite Bike was all the more interesting race not only against the competitors, but also with time because even if one managed to beat another racer, chances were very less that they would cover the given distance in due time. It is not that easy because you face many obstacles where you need to ride in a low speed.

10. Circus


Circus was one of the fun and tough games of jumping through the fires while sitting on animals like lions. It was a game of balancing which gets tougher with each level. You need balance and jump from ball to ball. Though, it was made for pre-teens but was more popular among the mid-teens.

11. Snow Bros

Snow Bros

In this game, the two princes are transformed into a snowman by the villains who took the princesses and the snow bros (the two players) have to save them. This game is best played with another player. It had everything right from the cool beginning with a description of the background of the game (how the princess got transformed) to super cool powers (comes with potions which will make the snowman in various colors till they have power), surprise bonus rounds, lots of lives, 50 stages, and a boss stage after every 10 stages followed by a slot machine providing a lot of goodies. Both the players have to defeat all the enemies by throwing snowballs at them.

12. Lode Runner


Lode runner is one of the running games as the name suggests. The player is required to avoid all the enemies or destroy them by making holes while climbing ropes and ladders to collect all the treasure and go to the next level.

13. Kung Fu


Kung Fu is an action game in which the players has to control the titular Kung-Fu Master to fight their way through the five levels of the Devil’s Temple in order to rescue his girl.

14. Popeye


Popeye was game of running, climbing the stairs while avoiding Bluto and collecting a certain number of items dropped by Olive Oyl, depending on the level.

15. Road Fighter


The main objective was to reach the finish line while driving safely with the full speed without running out of time by following the trick of hitting special type of car to refill the fuel, but at the same time avoid hitting other normal cars and running out of fuel.

If you have any other video games that were your favourite, share it with us too by mentioning it in the comments section below.