Here Know What Makes Vijay Anthony Such A Good Artist!!


Starting out as a music director in the Tamil Film Industry will see one making songs for movies and videos. As their fortune rises, they will get to work for the big stars while at the same time performing in bigger award functions and receiving awards. However, there are a few who are just multi-talented. Apart from working behind the screen, they can do the job in front of the camera as well. Vijay Anthony is one of those multi-faceted individuals who is able to weave magic both in terms of music as well as acting.

Initial Stage:

Movie phasejpg

Initially, when Vijay Anthony was slotted into the Tamil movie industry, it was because of his musical prowess and he got to compose for the film Dishyum. The movie did decently and the music was well received. This propelled him into the list of up and coming music directors with good potential. Following Dishyum, he composed music for movies such as NaanAvanillai, Ninaithale and Pandhayam.

Nakka Mukka:


Until Kadhalil Vizhunthen was released, his songs were considered good but not great. Then came the movie with the super hit song, Nakka Mukka which went on to take the nation by storm. The song also won the prestigious Cannes Golden Lion award and following this movie, he made Aathichudi from TN 07 AL 4777, which was another smash hit. During the promos for this song, he made a small cameo appearance that was well received by everyone.

Movie phase:


Following a few more movies as music director, Vijay Anthony decided to take the plunge into acting with the film, Naan. The movie was a thriller with him as the lead and did surprisingly well, being well received by both critics as well as commercially. It was after this movie that people took Vijay Anthony seriously as an actor and he has not looked back ever since.

After Naan in 2012, he has gone on to act in other films such as Salim, India Pakistan and Pichaikkaran. He is slated to act in close to 4 more movies within the next two years. It looks like his stock is on the up and here’s hoping to more surprises from the talented musician turned actor.

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