Vijay Mallya Missing? Are You Kidding Me? We’ve Found Him..!!

In a never before seen collective effort of Gotham City Police Department, In association with Sony’s CID and Adobe’s PS CC extending their gracious help, We at Wirally have finally managed to spot Vijay Mallya. As expected he was seen partying around with Bollywood celebrities such as Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, Salman Khan, and Huma Qureshi in these exclusive pictures by our daring correspondent, Adis Ababa Kumar Singh. Let’s hear it from him

Newsroom :  Addis, How and When did you find Mr.Mallya ?
Addiss Ababa :  One place? Not really. He was all over the world. Having a major ‘Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi naa mumkin hai moment’ as can be seem behind Priyanka Chopra here over the window…..


…As can be clearly seen below, he was more intrested in boozing than to actually pay the taxes for such boozing. A new hair do, couldn’t help hide him out as we caught his scent ( literally, it was Carlsberg! ) and happened to click a pic..


…But as the party came to an end, he started to get involved in a friendly fight with the bouncer. The bouncer in question being booze intolerant, refused to let him in again, saddened and heartbroken he left the party scene…


….But the night had only started for Mr.Mallya, as the outside carnival was enough to shake his booty. As you can see in the picture below, his attire and demeanor to be a fair British lady ( straight out off Downtown abbey) has paid off well….


…..Satellite imagery shows that, Mr. Mallya at around 12.02 Hours took the help of one of the friends he made at the carnival to land some acid at a local lounge in an apparent attempt to forget the night…


…Early next morning our special field operative Jason Bourne provided us valuable intel about his next gig. And it was practically a rendition of ‘ Aap Ki Kashish..Yun Madhosh Hai ‘ for a couple who people don’t give a damn about..


….His whirlwind tour of UP, Bihar ensued further when he participated in the local election proceeding for Faizal (of Maa ka, Baba ka, Bhai ka, Sab ka Badla lega fame) and in order to extend his chilled greetings, KF Strong flowed all over the town…


….It was at this point, that our drone picked him up, being picked by the sanskaar police. And that blocked every joke for us, for the next few minutes. Zor Se Bolo….


….After all he couldn’t take all the never ending dry piece stock of Aashirwads and decided to stand for hope to all the humanity which was slowly trying to sober itself…


….Eventually coming up with a plan. As that is what matters. His plan if he has one behind his theatrics…


….Cause he is not the baron India needs. Cause we can’t take it. Cause no one is his Fan



Newsroom   : Thank You Addiss Ababa, thank you for your investigative report

So, that is how we know where to find him. More intresting news to come up soon. Stay tuned to Wirally.




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