Vintage ‘Old Monk’ Is Now Back With New Fun Flavors In Rum And Breezers

Taagina, Taagaka poyina ‘Old Monk’ Ane Brand gurinchi teliyani vaallu undaru. okapudu ee brand ki cult fans undevaru, ippatiki unnaru anukondi. Still so many people around me ‘why so many people love old monk ani question cheste? Out of 100 reasons kondaru cults cheppe first reason ‘aa days lo winter tours or campaigns’ ki vellinappudu old monk tagithe vacche kick inka endulo radu ani.

Old Monk

So ee vintage flashback vinaka miku ‘old monk’ tho unna nostalgia anthe oka sari trip ayye untadi. Old monk ante ninnati varaku memory kani ika mundu kadu why because they are back with a bang.

Old Monk

Chill it is true ’The Connoisseur Collection’ by old monk is announced 4 Rum varieties which include Old Monk Orange Rum, Lemon Rum, Apple Rum, White Rum and 3 Breezer varieties Cola, Cranberry and Mojito.

Old Monk Rum

As of now it will take time to introduce this varieties into market as they’re still in testing. Next vachedi elago winter so aa time lo meeru malli ee vintage rum varieties expect cheyochu and inni rojulu ee routine breezer flavors tagi tagi fed up ayyina variki idi konchem boost icche news ani chepochu.

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