Vir Das Sends Out A Beautiful Message To Tackle Exam Results With A Smile..!!

Millions of students in the country who appeared for their board exams received their results today. While many would be thrilled about how well they have fared, there would be others who would be disappointed. For all those students who are not having a great day, stand-up comedian Vir Das has a message for them that would lift up their spirits.

‘Listen to the voice in your head’, is his message to all the students who might be having a difficult time listening to what relatives, parents, friends have to say. The inspirational video features Vir Das who is not saying anything and makes you listen to yourself. And that’s precisely the point he is trying to make. “Listen to the voice in your head… Nothing else… I repeat… nothing else” he writes in the video.

Do numbers & grades really matter? Do they really define our future? In this silent video, Vir Das asks students to listen to their own voice, and not give in to exam-result pressure, no matter what! He also urged his followers and fans to share this message with those who are stressed about the result. So, watch and share!


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