Virat Kohli And Chris Gayle Dancing Together Gives Us All The Chills..!!

Let’s be honest, If Chris Gayle played with  right hand, The sequel to ‘Kapoor and Sons’ could’ve been done with Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle. I mean come on, they definetly look like they are just brothers from different mothers, kinda. Courageous, Unflinching, Stylish and Vivacious, Kohli and Gayle mirror each other in not only their personality trailts but also their sporting DNA.

And yeah we know that this isn’t a new video, but then isn’t it just adorable to see the spirit of Cricket ( and Good Times ) being upheld in their partying. And did we mention that Kohli is a fantastic dancer too. Seriously man ! This guy can do everything.

Just to add to the awesomeness, A mix of AB Devilliers and Yuvraj are thrown, so you can happily smile in peace. Holla..! Without further adieu let’s watch it out then..!

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