Virat Kohli And Sonakshi Sinha Dancing To ‘Saree Ke Fall Sa’ At Rohit Sharma’s Sangeet Is Pure AF…!!

On the field, the camera often captures Kohli jumping with joy when bowlers pick up a wicket. Likewise, India’s Test skipper does the same his teammates celebrate momentous occasions in their personal life.

From Shikhar Dhawan, Harbhajan Singh or Rohit Sharma, Kohli has always been seen dancing to his hear’s content at their weddings.

After this Sangeet ceremony, Virat Kohli proved that he isn’t just the best batsman but also a damn good dancer and an amazing friend.

Here is how Virat set the dance floor on fire at Rohit’s sangeet ceremony in Mumbai.

A video posted by Virat kohli (@virat_obsessed) on

  And then his act was joined by Sonakshi Sinha in this peppy dance rendition of ‘Saree ke fall Sa’….And boy did he impress..  

A video posted by Virat kohli (@virat_obsessed) on

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