Virat Kohli Takes Chris Gayle For A Spin Around The Hood In His Audi A8…!!

Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle have a reputation for working hard and partying harder.

The two love to hang out and chill once they exit the cricket ground and the Indian Premier League gives them the perfect chance to do so.

Virat and Gayle enjoy an extremely friendly equation, which is visible when they bat together or attend events through the course of IPL. Apart from cricket, the two star batsmen like most men also love fast cars.

The RCB skipper played perfect host when he took the big-hitting Jamaican for a spin in his swanky Audi R8 in Delhi. And watch out how Chris Gayle manages to express his joy ride, without resorting to the F-word. Just to say Gayle clearly loved the experience and described it in his inimitable style.

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