Post The Semi-Final Loss, Virat Kohli Has This Inspiring Message To All The Cricket Lovers..!

Post Team India’s exit after the loss at wankhede a few days back, many were left heartbroken and life somehow came to a still after that. What was even mor eimpactful, was that nothing much had gone wrong for Team India in it’s performance ( par the No Balls ) and the batting rockstar Virat Kohli had produced a thumping innings again, to post up a truly challenging score. But what was to happen, happened, in a turn of destiny, and West Indies went on to win the message. Virat Kohli later took to his instagram handle to console his fans and cricket lovers all over, and it couldn’t have more perfectly done..


The Text In The Instagram Handle Read :

” We win some we lose some, but memories are something we take ahead with us, we move ahead learning from our mistakes and improve each day. Thanks for making it a memorable tournament together my brothers. And thank you each and every one of you people out there for supporting us relentlessly every day of the tournament. It was electrifying to experience your joys and happiness and energies throughout. We come out stronger and better next time. ??????✌?️✌?✌? ”

Indeed Virat Kohli, we are always with you. And Hopefully we’ll go get the cup next time around. WE WIN SOME. WE LOSE SOME. Respect..!

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