Virgin Nahi, Covirgin Bolo: 10 Covid Terms That Became Part Of Our Daily Lives

Me: Hi I am virgin, Covirgin ippatiki inka corona raledu…

Virus: Hi I am cron, Omicron ee saari pakka vadalanu…

Ok ok cool rakhi…

After corona before corona annattu world maaripoindi, inka life lo ee pandemic & virus a never ending part anedi accept chesi manalni maname rakshinchukuntu undali.

And ee Corona debbaki mana life lo chala kotha kotha words vachi mana daily routine lo baagam aipoyayi. Asalki ee words existence kuda manaki telidu okkappudu but ippudu daily ee words use cheyyakunda okkasaari aina undagalama, no way…

Ivala corona virus manaki nerpina terms & words evo chuddam randi…

Here’s a list of 10 words that largely define the COVID-19 era…

1. Covirgin-

The one who is not yet infected by COVID-19

2. Covidiot-

A person who doesn’t believe the coronavirus is a real thing, or a person who puts others at risk by flouting coronavirus safety protocols

3. Quarantine-

The two-week period of isolation you must serve if you do anything considered even remotely risky in terms of COVID-19

Ey uurkoo, uurkoo two weeks nuvvu quarantine lo unte samajaniki kutumbaaniki entho manchi chesina vaadivi avutav…

4. Social distancing-

The act of staying at least 6 feet away from any other human, so as to prevent the spread of the horrid coronavirus.

Social distancing mukyam bigil uu, jagratha run out kaavoddu…

5. WFH – Work From Home

Asalu idantu okati untadi ani Corona vache daaka telidu..

Manager: Call join karo..

6. Zoom

Ee corona valla business sky rocket vellina business lalo Zoom mawa first untadu…

7. Lockdown-

The imposition of stringent restrictions on travel, social interaction, and access to public spaces

8. Pandemic-

This word is used to describe the illness which affects a very large population, having spread from a community to several countries across the globe

9. Asymptomatic-

An asymptomatic person will not show any signs of fever, dry cough, sore throat, shortness of breath and body aches at the time of testing positive for the virus but some of these individuals may be “presymptomatic” and will develop symptoms over the next few days.

10. Sanitiser/Hand sanitiser

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