Vishal and Simbu feud – A truce in sight?


With Tamil cinema having to wade some rough waters in recent times owing to the whole Nadigar Sangam issue that cropped up between Sharath Kumar and Vishal. With that looking to have cleared off, another major fight seemed to be arising – That between Vishal and Simbu.

The issue?


Ever since Vishal beat Sharath Kumar in a bad-tempered election to become the President of the Nadigar Sangam, there have been subtle voices of disapproval over the way the entire thing was handled. The whole thing then turned into a big mess with unnecessary controversies coming up at various points.

It started with newspapers alleging that Vishal had asked a DJ to stop playing an Ajith song at a hotel party. The reason behind this was apparently because Ajith had refused to participate in a cricket match organized to raise funds to construct a new building for the Sangam. Later, when Vishal was confronted about the issue, he was surprised and disappointed at what he claimed was poor journalism and reporting and claimed that nothing of that sort had ever happened.

Following that, a few days later, Simbu found himself taking a dig at the Sangam. For Simbu, it has been a rough few months because of the whole Beep Song controversy. He was isolated and even had to watch his parents publicly defend him. Throughout the issue, Simbu had been absconding from various cases that were slapped against him. Once the issue had died down, Simbu was able to come out and defend himself.

However, he also quit the Nadigar Sangam claiming that he was not supported by anyone during his time of distress. He also claimed that the recent cricket tournament was very disappointing for him because he claimed all actors were made to look like jokers.

Movie clash:


On top of all this, another seemingly feisty clash at the box office is on the cards, with both Vishal’s and Simbu’s movies releasing on the same day. Vishal’s Marudhu and Simbu’s Idhu Namma Aalu are both releasing together.

To reduce the friction that the releases could have, Vishal has said that he respects Simbu and has respects his decision. He also said that he had no problem with Simbu and was looking forward to a healthy box office clash on that day. Let us see what happens and hopefully everything sorts itself out.