Visuals Of This Sci-Fi Short Film Made With A Total Budget Of ₹ 5,500 Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

Youtube open chesthe lekka lenanni short films untunayi, awnu ee madhya DSLR unna prathi okkaru short film tisestunaru mari adigithe passion antunaru. Sare passion annapudu content lo pasa kuda undali kada undadam ledu. Ala ani anni alane untunayi ani statement ivalemu kondaru variki unna resources lone adbuthamaina visuals and content unna short films tistunaru.

1 - the count down

Ala ee madhya nenu chusina manchi content and topnotch visuals unna shortfilms lo ‘The Countdown’ okati. First visuals chusi wow chala investment petti tisaru anukunta intha baga vachindi anukunnanu, kani cut chesthe ee short film ki ayyina karchu just 5,500 ani telsindi.

2 - scific

Intha la cheputunna ante aa visuals enti aa content enti ani doubt vachhe untadi. So anduke first ee short film then i’ll explain some interesting things about this short film and short film maker.

Ee visuals chusaka 5,500 budget lo ela chesau ane doubt evarikaina vastundi. So, assala ela chesaro once chuseddam.

Inko 15 years taruvatha human beings antha oxygen mask vesukovalsi vastadi ani tana friend cheppina global effect ni base chesukuni short film tiddam anukunadu MSN Karthik who’s the director of ‘The Countdown’

5 - people behind the camrea

Initial ga idea aithe vachindi kani Karthik anukunna story ki aa visuals ki chala investment avtundi. But he decided to make Sci-Fi thriller with limited budget using his own resources. Then he took support from his cousins Chaitanya and Chanakya. Ee short film lo Chanakya acted as the Astronaut and his another cousin Chaitanya helped him as a assistant director.

Storyboard- Set Design – Space Suit

3 - drawings

6 - suit

Before all this, Karthik prepared a perfect story and screenplay along with storyboard. And ee short film lo use chesina space suit kuda villu drawings and sketches vesi sonthanga prepare chesukunnade okasari vari dedication eh level oo undo ee pics chusthey ardam avtundi.

Post Production, Editing and VFX

4 - vfx

Ankunadi anukunnatuga perfect ga shoot aithe chesaru ika ippudu assalu task post production work, editing, VFX, spaceship lantivi create cheyadam anni ee muggure kalisi Davinci Resolve 15, Blender and Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro lantivi use chesi villu padda struggle antha aa visuals chuskunte definite ga proud feeling vacche untadi.

And here budget synopsis how they made this visual thriller.

Suit Costume + Helmet: INR 2400 (~ $32)
Travel + Lodging at the location: INR 2500 (~ $33)
Set Design + Typewriter rental: INR 600 (~ $8)
All cast and crew worked for free & VFX was completely done in-house
Total cost: INR 5500 (~ $73)

7 - awards

Yes, they just nailed it and proved that commitment, conviction unnavaru evaraina vari daggara unna resources ni proper ga use chesukunte elanti wonders create cheyocho ani ee aspiring filmmakers ee shortfilm dwara chesi chupincharu.

***Pic Credits: Movie Time Guru

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