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Vetini Ela Tayaru Chestaru?


Revealing how some popular food ingredients are made
Our kitchens are a storehouse of lot of cooking ingredients. Vatillo evi ela tayaru avtayo manaki chala varaku telise untundi. But there are some commonly used ingredients about which manaki antaga teliyadu, aviela tayaru chestaro or ekkada nundi vastayo. Let’s know sources of some of the food items.
Saggubiyyam/SabudanaPayasam lo ekkuvaga vadatam. Alane upavasam chesetappudu north Indians ekkuvaga sevinche sabudana kichidi kuda saggubiyyam thone chestaru. Asal e saggubiyyam ela vastai ani eppudina alochinchara? Here is the answer.
Saggubiyyanni Cassava ane plant root nundi tayaru chestaru. Ivi dhumpalu laga untai. Manufacturing unit lo vitini wash chesi, peel chesi tarvata machines use chesi crush chestaru. Extract ina pulp nundi excess water tisesi inko machine ki pampistaru. Adi aa pulp ni press chesi, round globules la size chestundi, vatine sabudana/saggubiyyam antam.
Semiya/VermicelliSemiya tho payasam chesina, Upma chesina entho tasty ga untundi. Vermicelli is made from maida. Maida lo water mix chesi dough la kaluputaru. Then oka machine lo e dough veyagane adi thin strands chestundi. Aa strands ni dry chesi, small pieces la break cheste ade mana Semiya.
Soy MilkFitness freaks andariki e name is very familiar. Soy has become a wonder food some time back. It is rich in protein and has many health benefits. Normal milk cows or buffaloes nundi ostundi ani manaki telsu, mari e soy milk ela ostundi?
Dry Soya beans ni water lo soak chesi, boil chesi, grind chesi, residue ni filter out cheste Soy milk tayaru avtundi.
TofuLow in calories and high in proteins undadam valla many are preferring Tofu over paneer these days. Chudaniki paneer lagane unde tofu is made by coagulating soy milk and pressing the resulting curds.
MayonnaiseBurger ina sandwich ina tastes even more better after adding mayonnaise. It is made by combining lemon juice or vinegar with egg yolks.
Meal MakerMeal maker/ Soya chunks are widely used as a meat substitute as they are free from cholesterol. Soyabean oil extraction apudu one of the by-products is defatted soy flour. When this is processed, it undergoes structural changes and forms a fiber like network. When we use them for cooking, they absorb water and develops a meat like chewy characteristics. Anduke dinini vegetarians meat ani kuda antaru.

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