Want To Hangout After College Hours? These Places Won’t Leave You Broke!

We love going out with our friends after college hours, don’t we?

But, hey, let’s admit it. It is quite tough to go out frequently with our limited pocket money. So, here are some places that you can make your regular hang-out spot, without burning holes in your pockets.


LamakaanWe all love Lamakaan and how! Located near GVK One, Banjara Hills, this place has been an adda for college batches for several years now. There’s always something happening here and the food? So Good! The Samosas and NimbuPaani are the crowd’s favourite. And also make sure to try their Rotis with Khatti Dal or Mutton Kheema.

2.Prince Hotel

Prince HotelLocated in Mehdipatnam, this place has been in news for a while now. This place serves various types of biryanis and starters. A treat to your bellies, this place serves biryanis at super cheap prices. The Chicken biryani is served at just INR 120 and a single plate at a whooping INR 60 only! Also, don’t forget to try their best-selling Mandi with your food gang.

3.Chai Pani

Chai PaniWith several outlets, across the city, Chai Pani is soon becoming students’ favourite. With various options for food including Chicken samosas, AlooParatha, Butter Chicken Bun and Cheese Maggi, the place has perfect ambience and pricing for students. And, as the name suggests, they have a wide range of menu just for Chai: Masala Chai, Pahadi Chai, Adrak Chai and so much more. What else? You can also play board games here!

4.Hang Out

Hang OutShawarma did you say? Hang Out in Secunderabad is a common hub for students in that area. You can often find students from several colleges hanging out in the evenings. And, why not? The place is super famous for its Shawarmas and Kebabs. You can also switch to Chinese like Chicken Noodles or Paneer 65 priced at INR 60 and upwards.

5.Needs Fast Food Joint

Hang Out Spots For StudentsNeeds Fast Food located in Begumpet is always hustling and bustling with youngsters. With its decent ambience, this place is a great choice if you are looking for lunch options or meals. Their TawaRotis and Parathas are a great hit with the students. From Phulkas, Sweet Rotis to Chicken Parathas, everyone raves about the food here. Also, make sure to try their seasonal special foods and drinks.

6.My Friends Circle Restaurant

My FriendsJust like the name suggests, this place has been a hangout spot for students for years now. Located near Suchitra Circle, My Friends entertains students of all kinds. Biryanis, Kebabs, Rolls, name it and they have it. And, while you are at it, make sure to try their Double KaMeetha and KaddukaKheer!


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