Watch Out Rakul Preet Singh and Sadhguru’s Video ‘In Conversation With Mystic’


After Karan Johar, Anupam Kher and MM Keeravani, now its Rakul Preet Singh’s turn to have a conversation with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev under ‘In conversation with mystic’ series. They had a deep and thoughtful conversation about life, karma, memory, destiny, intentions and many more. Human beings should design their own destiny. Manam puttinapatinundi manchini ela receive chesukuntam, asalu karma anedi enduku untadi life lo and what is conscious and unconscious memory ani vetanneti gurinchi Sadhguru chala clear ga explain chesaru.Spiritual Side of Rakul Preet Singh

One should accept that Rakul Preet is just like us. Prathi youngster ki unde questions ivi, enduku karma is applicable to poor people, why it won’t affect the rich or corrupted people in the country? Asalu what is called this soulmate theory? Is it really exists? Ivanni manam conscious ga or unconscious ga alochinche questions. Finally, manaku konni acceptable answers dorikayi. With this Rakul Preet Singh once again proved, she is not just an actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist but has her own spiritual side.

In the video, Sadhguru highlighted that bad situations happen, but manam mana life lo hold chesukuni, we have to design our own life. ‘If you are blissful, then you need not bother about the worst situations, that are happening in your life, because of some external forces and need to design your own life.’