Watch this brilliant medley with a contemporary twist!


Fusion has taken a leap under A.R.Rahman’s music. His songs have such organic touch to it that his songs can be experimented across genres and languages. This attempt is one such interesting rendition of two of his songs in two different genres along with one English song and one traditional composition. The songs are India’s greatest pop culture hit ‘Humma Humma’ from ‘Bombay’, ‘Alai Pongera’ from ‘Sakhi’, ‘Love Me like You Do’ by ‘Ellie Goulding’ and ‘Enna Thavam Seithinai’, a Classical Tamil Keerthana on Lord Krishna.

This brilliant mash up has been done by prominent Telugu Singer Lipsika, with a contemporary twist by including free style dance by the duo Swetha and Nayani Pavani. On the whole the vocals, programming and the choreography is sure to give some nostalgia and entertainment.

Watch the ‘Humma Mashup’ here: