10 Ways to celebrate an Eco-Friendly Ganesh Chaturthi


Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated every year for 10 whole days and ee festival is one of the most important ones for every hindu being out there. Ee festival ostundi ante ne chaala preperations and enjoyment lo untamu. Intiki decorations cheyinchi, manchi ganesha ni teeskochi, kotha battalatho, illantha bandhuvulatho, ruchikaramaina vantakalatho celebrate cheskuntam. But anni manchiga chesi aa ganeshuni ni matram bad chemical colors tho tayaru chesi aa devudu ichina nature ni spoil chestunnam. The toxic chemicals that are used kill the water life. This is not right kada …. So here are a few ways to make your Ganesha eco-friendly.

1. Make your Ganesha with clay. Immerse this clay idol in the lake or pond or a home created small water body. This water ni trees ki kuda veyochu. Mana devuni blessings mana chute untadi.1. Make your Ganesha with clay
2. Tree Ganesha. The clay Ganesha will be installed with plant seeds in them. after the festival, place this idol in a pot of soil and water it every day. In a couple of days the idol will begin to dissolve and the seeds will take its roots in the soil. Watch the plant rise big and beautiful.2. Tree Ganesha.
3. Chocolate Ganesha. Make a Ganesh idol with chocolate by adding no preservatives. After the puja and a day, you can immerse this in milk, and then have the tasty chocolate milk as Prasadam.3.Chocolate Ganesha
4. Water Cleansing Ganesha. Alum is a colorless agent that is used for cleaning water. Mana idols ni deenitho cheyyochu and we can immerse this in water bodies and help clean too.4. Water Cleansing Ganesha
5. Fish friendly Ganesha. This is one kind of idol the fish can serve themselves with. The idols are made with clay and stuffed with fish-friendly food such as corn, spinach, wheat and vegetable powder.5. Fish friendly Ganesha
6. Gobar Ganesha. This Ganesha can be immersed in water and the water can be used as manures for plants. It is equally great to immerse it in any lake or other water body.6. Gobar Ganesha
7. Sugarcane Ganesha. The idol can be made with sugarcane sticks!7. Sugarcane Ganesha
8. Make a small Ganesha for your home with some turmeric.8 Ganesha turmeric
9. You can make the idol with the flowers of your choice.9 ganesha made of flowers
10. Use natural coloring for the clay idols with vegetables extracts.10. Use natural coloring