Too Much Salt In Your Food? 5 Ways To Fix Over-Salted Food!


Are you trying to be a new Master Chef during this quarantine period?
Most of us are trying to make the best use of our lockdown by developing new hobbies and trying more and more new dishes. There are several cooking mistakes that newbies can make, like burning the food, or over cooking it. But one common mistake that all of us do is to add excess salt in the food.
Salt is an important ingredient in almost all the foods that we cook. It adds flavours and enhances the taste of the dish. Without salt, your food would taste dull and bland. But what if you err and add too much salt to your dish? Do not panic as we have five tricks that could help you to reduce the salt content in your dish.
Here’s what you should do if put too much salt in your food:

1.Make more of what you are cooking.

1 Ways To Fix Excess Salt In FoodIf you are cooking okra/bhendi fry, then add more vegetables or double the quantity of the vegetable depending on the excess salt. Just chop of the vegetable and add it to your curry. This will dilute the salt in the curry.

2.Add fresh cream or curd.

2 Ways To Fix Excess Salt In FoodAdd a table spoon of curd or fresh cream to your dish. This will neutralize the excessive salt in your dish. Also, your dish will now become creamier and the cream or curd will only enhance the taste of your dish.

3.Raw or Boiled Potatoes.

3 Ways To Fix Excess Salt In FoodYou can boil potatoes and add it to the dish and this will absorb the salt and potatoes will enhance the taste of your dish and you have it in a new form. Or, you can peel raw potatoes, add them to the curry and let them sit for about 20 minutes. The potatoes will absorb the excess salt and then you can separate them from the curry.

4.Tomatoes or Onions.

4 Ways To Fix Excess Salt In FoodYou can add slit an onion into two halves and add it raw to your dish. After a while, separate the onions from the dish as they have absorbed the salt. You can also add fried onions which not only will absorb the salt but also add a smoky flavour to your dish. What you can also do is, add tomatoes to your dish, and cook it with the dish. This will neutralize the excess salt in food.

5.Dilute the food.

5 Ways To Fix Excess Salt In FoodThe simplest way to reduce the excess salt in food is to add some water and cook the dish. But ensure that you do not add excess of water as it might dilute all the flavours and seasonings. Just, add enough water to dilute the salt.

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