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Indian Cooking Hacks: 5 Ways To Use Leftover Curd.


In Indian cooking, we have several staple ingredients, some of which we use on an everyday basis.
Curd or Dahi is one such staple product always available in our homes. Us, Indians, feel incomplete if we don’t have dahi towards the end of our meals. It is cooling, soothing, light and extremely nutritious. There is no denial in calling it a superfood.

Loaded with vitamins and minerals, Curd has several health benefits. Listing some of them for you.

1. It improves digestion.

One of the most noticeable benefits of eating curd is that it helps with digestion. The nutrients present in the food makes it easier to digest the food. Also, curd helps to get rid of any sorts of stomach infections.

2. Fights stress and anxiety.

The competition and stress prevalent in today’s day and age makes it tough for a lot of people. And, eating curd will release stress from the body. It will make you feel less anxious and stressed. They lower the level of activity in your brain which further reduces the levels of pain and sadness.

3. Acts as a Mood filter.

Like said earlier, curd fights stress and anxiety. But, that’s not it. Curd also acts as a mood filter. Taking flavoured curd or yoghurt helps to enhance your mood. In short, it makes you happy.

4. It improves your skin.

Curd contains several minerals like vitamin E, zinc and phosphorus which play an important role in promoting skin and texture. It is better to rely on something organic and fresh rather than expensive chemicals.

5. Boosts immunity.

Curd has an extremely positive effect on the immune system. The lactic acid bacteria in the curd can be closely linked to this. The probiotics in the curd also promote the immune system.

Here are 5 simple ways to use leftover curd and make tasty dishes:

1. Dosa

DosaOur favourite breakfast dosa can be made a lot more flavourful if you add a dash of curd to it. It adds a sour flavour to it and also makes the batter fluffier and nicer.

2. Kadhi

Kadhi is a simple and comforting recipe from the kitchens of India. Easy to make, this dish can be made with some besan and leftover curd. You can make it spicy, sour or sweet according to your liking.

3. Poori/BhatureDough

Yes, you heard us right. YourPooris or Bhature can be made with curd too. Just add some leftover curd to the kneaded maida and your Pooris will come out extremely tasty and fluffy.

4. Potato Curry

Ever tried adding curd to your potato curry? If you haven’t, you must. Add a bowl of dahi while you are cooking your tomatoes and this will make your curry sour and tangy.

5. Green Chutney Dip

PudinaDahi Dip or Green Chutney Dip is great on flavours and can be combined with various Indian appetizers. The addition of mint leaves/pudina, coriander and curd give this dip a very creamy and tasty texture. A must try this is.

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