We are movie buffs and we are proud of it!


1. While we are watching a movie, we are not just watching a movie. We understand the narration, trying to go beyond emotion, learn the music style, and get involved in the climax and the listen to the suspence. So never call it, ‘just watching a movie’.
Choodu oka vaipe chupdu, inko vaipu chudaku..maadipothav!!moviebuff1

2. Movie ni enni sarlu chustham ante…..what dialogue where osthado kuda cheppestham. Be careful before you sit with as at these times.moviebuff2

3. Never talk to us while watching a film. We might just end up, addanga narakadam. Oops sorry I did not come out of the movie.moviebuff3

4. First day first show Nani movie is really important to us. If u want to know what is such a big deal in it, become one among us and then will u understand. Chutney and rasam kalisi mari champestham.moviebuff4

5. Are u sad?? Watch ‘Kanche’. It might give you ‘Hope’ that there is a something good about sad endings too. Are you happy? Watch ‘Manam’. This film is just such a happy movie. Are u in a mood to do some adventures? Watch ‘Kshanam’. Such a good thriller movie it is.
We have a movie for every type of mood you can be in.moviebuff5

6. Be careful for we might punch the person next to us for some Balakrishna, NTR, Pavan Kalyan, Nani or Allu Arjun or any hero’s punch dialogues. Thoda kottamante mee thoda kottestham. Be aware!moviebuff6

7. Khaali samayyallo Nagarjuna’s Cycle chain ‘Shiva daggara nundi NTR, Janata Garage varaku anni cover chesestham. Just like zombies.moviebuff7

8. When you want to discuss so much about a particular movie and the other person is not interested in it, we know we might just become another Balakrishna in ‘Lion’.moviebuff8

9. Edaina movie gurinchi evaina tappu chepithe……Next Birthadayy undadu!!!!moviebuff9

10. Stress or happy or sad or party time or moody time…cinema theatre is ma Illu!moviebuff10

We are for movie
Movies are for us!