We Plead & Urge TFI To Re-Release These Films In Theatres For At Least One Week

What if I say, Johnny is the best movie in power star’s career? PK career lo naa favourite film Johnny, ee film ni revisit chesina prathi sari ‘ee film hit ayyi unte, Pawan Kalyan ane oka passionate artist inkaa enno manchi & different types of movies chesunde vaaru’ ani but film bombed at the box-office, ee film laagane I enjoyed Prabhas Pournami, and what about our favourite Mahesh’s Khaleja!!! Ok past is past, just a thought ‘ilanti underrated & underappreciated films ni oka two-three days minimum theatres lo release chese oka kotha business trend start cheste ela untundi antaru?’ It will be damn good kadhaaa.. Hope these following films re-release in theatres and gets the appreciation they deserved, take a look

1. Johnny

JohnnyOpening shot, the music, background score, the composition of fights… Everything about Johnny is art ❤

2. Khaleja

KhalejaEe film Guruji ni effect chesindi Mahesh kante, ee film hit ayyi unte I think.. Trivikram Srinivas ane versatile writer nunchi ippudu vastunna films kanna inka manchi films vachi undevi

3. Pournami

PournamiEntha innocent ga untado Prabhas asalki ee movie lo. Eyes lo ee film motham edo sadness untundi, and Prabhas – Trisha chemistry ?

4. Jagadam

JagadamPuttenduku oka jagadam, chaavu oka jagadam saala… Kiraak film idi asalki, I think this film will do wonders at the box-office if it releases now

5. Nijam

NijamNijam movie collections paramga work out ayyiunte bgundedi, because appudu Teja lanti director ki inkontha mandi pedda heroes nunchi avakaasalu vacheyi.. Who knows those films might have worked. And last but not the least Mahesh & Gopichand’s performance in this movie ?

6. Orange

OrangeInka orange gurinchi em cheptam cheppandi, ippudu release cheyyandi theatre motham songs audience ye paadestaru

7. 1: Nenokkadine

1 NenokkadineEe film hit ayyi unte!!! Mahesh could have done wonders with his next films. He could have experimented more

Inka ey films suggest chestaru for a re-release in theatres.. Comment

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