Website called goes viral, a website that was launched a few days ago as a response to the Aamir Khan intolerance comments has gone viral.

Aamir Khan’s comments on the intolerance issue has stirred up a hornet’s nest in online forums in India. To add to the debates and discussions, there comes a website that is making people’s heads turn, literally.

The website seems to be counting all the slaps that people deliver to Aamir Khan, and on last count, there were as many as 7802562 slaps delivered. While the incident has been dealt with fire and brimstone throughout much of last week, the website – aims to give the entire issue a funny twist.

How funny it is to slap someone on a website and count them for laughs, is debatable, but the images are funny as hell! And as the makers of request as a disclaimer below, ‘Please be tolerant of our humour’.

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