#WednesdayWisdom: 8 Life Lessons One Must Learn From Mahabharata

Mahabharatam Telusa ante? Abbe edo childhood lo class lo chepthe vinattu, TV lo osthe appudu appudu konchem chusinattu gurthu thappithe peddaga teliyadu anedi common answer from most of us. Mahabharatham ante enti ante simple ga Kauravas and PAndavas madhya yuddam ani answers kuda vintuntamu. Kani aa yuddam enduku jarigindi? Ani adigithe malli manalo chala mandi abbae teliyadu andi antaru.

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Mahabharat anedi oka epic mythology or war for some people. Kani assalu Mahabharat story em cheptundi? Daani nundi manam emaina nerchukovala ante? Yes, nerchukovali em nerchukovali ante?

You Must Learn These 8 Life Lessons From Epic Mahabharata…

1. Karna Story Tells – Being kind, humble, and generous is not enough to live life.

Karna’s story is nothing but tragedy in Mahabharata as he is kind, generous, and loyal even to his enemies. But his kindness and loyalty can’t save him from losing the war. So, don’t be so kind and loyal to the world.

2. Krishna Stand For Pandavas Story Tells – Stand for what’s right and fight for It.

Mahabharata is all about Dharma…Lord Krishna takes Pandavas Army as very less compared to Kauravas. He took their stand to prevail over Dharma and he did it.

3. Duryodhana & Kauravas’ Story Tells Us – Greed For Power & Arrogance Leads Us To Damage & Destruction

Duryodhana & Kauravas’ blind desire to win the war against Pandavas made them lose everything. So greed for crown, money, and kingdoms may lead us to death and Arrogance for no reason too.

4. Story Of Lord Krishna & Arjuna Tells Us – A Good Friends, Friendship Will Always Takes You To Good Places

Just imagine Pandavas’ side without Lord Krishna…it would be the ultimate death for them. But Arjuna’s friendship with Lord Krishna and his ideas, path, and tactics Saves Pandavas to win the war against Kauravas.

5. Abhimanyu & Chakravyuh Story Tells Us – Don’t Do Things With Half Knowledge

Arjuna’s Son Abhimanyu is a great warrior but he enters Chakravyuh with half knowledge as he only knew how to enter it and didn’t know how to escape.

6. Vidura’s fake support to Kauravas tells us – Sometimes Friends come in the form of enemies.

Along with Bheeshma, Drona…Vidura secretly admires Pandavas even though they are Kauravas. Vidura favors Pandavas as Kauravas think that Vidura is supporting them in warfare.

7. Shakuni’s Story Tells Us – Mind Is Weapon To Face Any Odds

Shakuni is blind, and doesn’t have any fighting skills….so what? He makes plans to destroy enemies by sitting at one home, his moves are unpredictable, and he uses his mind and makes cunning moves and strategies.

8. Drauapadi – Women Is Not A Slave & Women Is As Powerful As Men

Mahabharatha all starts with insulting a woman (Draupadi) in front of all. Draupadi was humiliated by the Kauravas for the fault of her husband. She was violated but she took a stand, fought herself fiercely, and handled things. Women must be as strong as Draupadi In Mahabharat.

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