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This Weekend Scroll On To The Most Funniest Web Pages On Net..!!


By Anusha Reddy
Comedy in the present age has caught up more speed than the previous years. Stand-up comedians like Kapil Sharma, Kanan Gill, Kenneth Sebestian and many others have garnered a mighty fan base with their stint in comedy. You tube and television comedians are known faces, their online shows and stage shows are a craze. What does not get counted under the comedy scene are the social media comedy pages. These pages have come up with each concept of their own and have garnered many followers on social media.

The comedy pages come up with the comic version of any issue, going with their concept. Instagram and Facebook have the maximum number of comedy pages. These pages are the ideas of either a group of students or an individual; common link being the pages being that they are managed by the youth, which is a good sign for the comedy scene in India.

Some of the famous pages on Instagram are Bcbilli, Rofl India, Real Shit Gyan, Daily over dose. The Bcbilli page focuses on comedy through various expressions of cats, their way of expression is very straight forward; they post relationship centric jokes, of single people, and on the kind of girls in a relation. Rofl India talks about everything that is funny in India. This page majorly posts jokes which are related to the Indian sense of humour. Real Shit Gyan and Daily over dose come up with any random stuff and put it in the context of a joke. These pages take up every day issues or happenings in an Indian environment and merge it with the hilarious content

One of the best personal pages on Instagram includes that of Gaurav Gera, the television actor with an amazing sense of humour. He shot to fame on Instagram with his act of ‘Chutki and Shopkeeper’. The role of Chutki, and her unique style has become a craze among the social media users. This role has also reaches up television and features in top Dubsmashes of 2015.

Facebook pages like Alia Bhatt jokes, Rajnikanth vs CID, Bewakoof.com, The Desi Stuff, The amazing Indian, all focus on some of the most ridiculous things that have happened or are happening in India. The Alia Bhatt jokes vs CID page came up as a result of Alia Bhatt’s stint in Koffee with Karan, season 4. These pages mostly post videos of the illogical scenes shot in the history of Indian cinema which will definitely crack up the viewer.

If you want to crack up a joke at a gathering or pull up a funny shayari, these are the pages you need. Their jokes will definitely make you crack up even if you do not want. So, if you are a social networking addict and are looking up for some comedy, these are the pages you need to check out.

So these were some pages we knew. Of course we’d like to hear from you about your favourite comedy pages.

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