Weekend Stories : These Engineering Students Are Being An Inspiration

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The city is only growing bigger as each day passes. Not only in term of density of the population but the density of vehicles too, which is increasing at an amazing speed. If you list the issues we face travelling on road, we all would come out with many. But, how far are we ready to take an initiative to bring a solution to such issues?

Losing a senior at college in one of the blind turns, a group of youngsters from MJ College of Engineering and Technology working under the name ‘Youth League’ have come forward to install convex mirrors at blind turns around KBR Park. We might just notice the convex mirrors, but the effort behind this seemed quite challenging for the young minds.

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It is not only the commuters who are benefiting out of this, the by standers too on footpath have noticed vehicles speeding down at these turns. One person who reaped out of this situation even left a stick note on one of the mirrors stating that they saved his life. What more is over whelming than knowing someone actually did benefit and in turn thanked you for a social deed executed so successfully. This is definitely a boost for the youngsters!


Being engineering students, the theoretical part of these mirrors was easy to frame but it was not the same to execute it. It was a tedious job for them to get the needed approvals, permissions and funds to execute this project. White Water Construction Company helped them with Rs. 60,000 and they have been successful in installing 10 convex mirror so far.

They are looking to install another 40 around the city which sounds delightful. Way to go guys!!!

Team Wirally wishes you all luck!!

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