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1 3Sleep is a mysterious factor in our daily life, as most people wonder about the reason behind it. Research says that a human sleeps for 25 years in an average life. It means that if you live for 75 years, you have slept 25 years in it. Of course, it is a different case for sleep-deprived people. Sleeping takes 1/3rd part of your life. It is indeed surprising to know that from those 25 years, you give six years to dreaming. Dreams have always fascinated people. In ancient Egypt, people with colorful dreams were considered so remarkable that their dreams were recorded in papyrus. The Egyptians believed that you could find all the answers to your worries and gain wisdom in dreams.
Have you ever wondered why we dream and why the images we see in our dreams are considered necessary?
Psychologists have conducted extensive research to figure out what happens to our minds and bodies when we sleep. It must be confusing, but some psychologists and counselors treat their patients based on their dreams. Let us see what their analysis of our dreams are.


Dreams about flying make you feel happy and relaxed. If you fly in your dreams, then it means that you are ready to take responsibility and make bold decisions in your life. But every dream has a negative aspect too. Flying in your dream may also signify that you have too many problems that are stressing you out, and you want to fly above them and overcome them. These kinds of dreams are ways of the subconscious mind that you need to make some changes in your life.

Being Chased

Dreams of being chased are common among people who suffer anxiety and depression. Psychologically this type of dream generally means that you are trying to avoid something in your real life. If the person chasing you is a stranger, it depicts avoiding your work or family problems. But if you are being chased by yourself, you neglect your character’s parts that need more of your attention in reality.

Being Trapped

Dreams where you are stuck or trapped somewhere and cannot escape never fails to make you panic in your sleep. These dreams convey that you are stuck in real life and can’t get out of certain situations, even if you desperately want to. Your inner self feels helpless and whimpers for help. This shows that you need to fight and say no to those situations that are making you feel unhappy. Psychologists also claim that people who dream of being trapped are still holding onto their pasts. The subconscious mind shows us that we need to let go and cut some strings that are already weak.


Researchers claim that the average person dreams about falling more than five times in their life. It’s not a surprise because we all relate to this dream’s meaning: ‘losing control.’ Everything depends on the content of your dream. If somebody pushed you, it means that you are putting so much pressure on yourself, and if you, by any chance, know the person who pushed you, then maybe they are the cause of your stress. However, if you just lost your balance, then the problem is coming from you. You must be going through an unstable phase of your life, and you should work on your confidence. If you are trying to hold on in your dream, it has both good and bad signs. You are trying your best to fix a real-life situation, but it’s totally out of your control. That’s why your subconscious mind tells you to let go.

Being Lost

According to psychologists, this type of dream can have various meanings behind it. The most common one is that you are lost even in reality, and you know that in your heart, but you keep going. Your subconscious mind tries to warn you that you are going in the wrong direction. The anxiety and panic that you feel in the dream are what you must be feeling in reality. When you can’t find the right way, it means that you are postponing a crucial decision that needs to be made in real life. So you should listen to your subconscious mind and go for it.

Losing Teeth

Psychologists have researched that dreams about losing your teeth are a sign that your insecurities have taken over you. It shows that you feel that you aren’t appealing to other people, and your self-esteem needs a balance. Our teeth are used for chewing, and losing them in your dreams indicates that you are not confident about yourself. It’s a message to yourself that you should accept and love yourself the way you are.

Weird Facts

2 3It is advised that we should at least sleep for 7-8 hours, and according to researchers, we dream for 2 hours every night. Now that we know the meaning behind our weird dreams let us see the mindblowing facts about them.

We have negative dreams more than positive ones.

We mostly have those kinds of dreams where you are very upset and stressed because you cannot reach somewhere as there are too many obstacles on your way. It’s a terrible feeling to wake up from a dream like this. According to researchers, negative dreams are very much common than positive ones as the most felt emotions in dreams are anxiety, fear, anger, and sadness.

You can solve problems in your dreams.

There are real stories of people solving tricky puzzles and challenging problems in their dreams. However, it’s unbelievable, but some successful inventions were created in dreams. For example, Larry Page got his idea of ‘Google,’ and Nikola Tesla got inspired to make his alternating regenerator from his dream. Even Dimitri Mendeleyev came up with the idea of making the Periodic Table of elements. When you are stuck in a problem and decide to sleep on it, you get a new perspective on your problem that you are facing.

Lucid Dreams

Being able to control your dreams is called Lucid Dreaming. It’s basically when you are in a Rem sleep but also in a state of consciousness. If you cant tell that you are in sleep, then try reading something because most people can’t read texts or clocks in their dreams because they look like gibberish in the dream world.

Blind people can dream visually.

It is proven that blind people have similar dreams that sighted people have but involving other senses except for sight. People who get blind later in their life are said to have visual dreams.

You forget 95% of your dreams.

When people claim they don’t dream, then that is untrue. All of us have 4-7 dreams per night, and up to 60% of people don’t remember them at all. We only remember our dreams in the first 5 mins of waking up, and after those 5 mins, we go blank.

Cave paintings are assumed to be prehistoric dream journals.

Some experts suggested that cave paintings are actually records of dreams. The cavemen must have recorded their dreams as they thought that what they have seen is some magical indication from a different dimension.

Men and women dream differently.

Men and women don’t dream alike. According to psychologists, men’s dreams include other men who are strangers up to 70% of the time, and they mostly dream about weapons and physical activities. However, women’s dreams involve familiar people with both men and women. Women dream about rejection and heartbreak. They have long dreams with more conversations.

Your brain is more active when you are sleeping than when you are awake.

This activity of the brain functions when you are at the state of Rem sleep, which is also considered paradoxical because while our brain performs activities in our body, our muscles are more relaxed.

Sleep Paralysis

Among the exciting facts of Rem sleep, the weirdest one is sleep paralysis. When you are running from something in your dream, you cannot get off your bed and run physically, which seems like a seat belt for your body.

We only see faces that we have already seen before.

When you see strangers in your dreams, they are real people whos faces you must have seen in your life. It must be difficult to believe, but when we see strangers in our daily life, our subconscious mind stores their faces, and thein shows them in our dreams. We never recognize the faces because our conscious mind does not recollect them.

Colour v/s Black and white dreams

The researchers have stated the from 1915 to 1950, people only dreamed in black and white. But when color tv was invented, people started to have colors in their dreams as they began watching shows and movies in colors.

Dreams are symbolic.

Dreams are said to be a message from yourself to yourself. Dreams are what you truly are. Our subconscious mind creates and shows them in a way that only we can understand.

These facts might be weird and unbelievable, but the psychologists and neurologists are still conducting research on the reason behind dreaming and their explanations. For now, let’s keep dreaming and see where they take us in our lives.

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