What Can we Expect from Apple’s Sept.12 Event !! Things are really Exciting.


Apple e name vinte chala mandi chala rakaluga react avtaru. Konthamandiki iPhone ante pranam, aa prema vela kattedi kaadu okkokadu Kidney lu ammesi mari egabadataru iPhone koneki.

It’s Time to sell your Kidney(just kidding), Recent ga Apple invitations kuda send chesindi and you can also have a look into Tim Cooks official Twitter for an invitation.

Lets Meet at our Place on September 12.02 Apple Brand

What Can we Expect from this Event?

Chala expect cheyochu because it’s not an ordinary annual event, Apple iPhone 2007 lo launch chesi ippatiki 10 years Successful Journey Celebration event and ee event first time Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple Park in Cupertino, California lo Jarugutundi.

Apple iPhone __?

Ee Event lo Apple oka new iPhone ne introduce chestundi and that too people and many tech gaints are in confusion to expect the name of the new iPhone. iPhone 8,iPhone Pro, iPhone X, iPhone Decade Edition ??

Na expectation aythe iPhone 8 or iPhone X anukuntunna because Apple will never skip its Series Code, if incase Apple kotthaga 10 years Celebrations gurthuga flagship device cheyyali anukunte iPhone X ani pettochu.

We have already know about the leaks of iPhone 8 features and still we can’t trust the leaks, We need to wait until September 12 for the final output from Apple.01 Apple Brand

Ee Apple iPhone 8 Bezel less Edge-to-Edge OLED display lo vastundi and major new features are face Detection by Scanning, Samsung S8 lo already chusam face detection works awesome and epudu Apple Same feature ne 8 lo introduce chestundi but with some more extra features where it gives silent notifications when we are looking at the Screen and Touch ID remove chese chances aythe undavani pakkaga cheppochu because Apple is the first device which introduced Touch ID so it never skips it and wireless Charging oka major feature ani cheppochu and Dual Camera will come in Vertical mode.

Cost em taggedi ledamma Low storage variant 64Gb $1000 expected.

iOS 11

iOS 11 already June WWDC 2017 lo introduce chesadu and that was an amazing look and UI and new design from Apple with some new features and epudu meerukuda try cheyyochu there is a Beta version and just go through the beta.apple.com and install new iOS 11 Beta.
Expecting the release date of iOS 11 Final Output in this Event.

I have already used iOS 11 for Testing and that was an amazing experience with iOS 11.

Introducing iPhone 7S & 7S Plus

Peddaga changes emundav when compared to iPhone 7 & 7 Plus same design, Processor and Chipset change avtai and Camera Pixels may increase.2 Apple Brand

Apple Watch
Eppatiki Apple 2 Watch series release chesindi and rendintiki LTE connectivity ledu, only possible way is through an iPhone using Apple Watch App. But now for a change Apple LTE support tho Apple Watch 3 release chese chances unnai.3 Apple Brand

Apple 4K TV
Apple team last 6 months nunchi Amazon Prime and Netflix 4K videos support chesela new 4K Ultra HD Apple TV Design chestundi and there are some Chances to expect this one from Annual Event.4 Apple Brand

Apple HomePod
Google Assistant and Amazon Echo evi telise untai meeku voice recognition tho works easy chestuntai like if we have an automated Appliances in our Home we can control all the gadgets including the Phone too, we can also book an Uber Cab by using this Bots. Now Apple is going to beat the Google Assistant and Amazon Echo with its new Apple HomePod with Siri already June WWDC 2017 lo Tim Cook introduce chesadu, appudu just brief ga chupinchadu now we are expecting whole update regarding this HomePod and in December we can purchase this through Online.5 Apple Brand

These are the things we are expecting from Apple annual Event on Sept.12 at Apple Park.

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