What does the 65 in Chicken 65 mean?


Chicken 65 is a universal name and ee name ki chaala stories unnay. Eh restaurant ki vellina kuda, we do not forget to have some chicken 65. Vegetarians have their versions of 65’s too. Ee name chicken tho start aithe, today, we have many many other 65’s also! A few of those stories are here:

· Oka story prakaram, ee chicken dish proper ga cook cheyyali ante, it needs 65 days to prepare the marinade.1 Why is it 65 in Chicken 65
· Inko detail is that 1965 lo Indian soldiers ki this is the perfect meal.
· Another account prakaram, the original recipe asked for 65 chili peppers.2 Why is it 65 in Chicken 65
· Another much-believed story is, this dish is based on the hotel called Buhari’s (today a chain of hotels). It was created in the year 1965 and launched as one of their specials, after which the name caught on like wildfire spawning a wide range of me-to dishes.4 Why is it 65 in Chicken 65
· Inko story which many believe is that, chaala mandi north Indian soldiers who were posted in Chennai went to a military canteen there. Vaallaki tamil ardham kaaka menu lo unna items chadavaniki raadu. So, andulo oka dish pakkana 65 number undi and they started calling it 65. Ee taste nachi, soon they started loving this dish. Hence, this dish took the name Chicken 65!5 Why is it 65 in Chicken 65